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YO LISTEN UP, here’s a blog post

Hey, look who’s been on WordPress for three years now.

Here are my top countries by viewer count since February 2012. I don’t know if I just have one stalker in a few of these high-ranking countries or if just that many people have looked at Eigenblogger once, thought, “OH GOD, NO!” and moved on.

I vote for the latter.



Sorry, my head hurts.


I hit 10,000 views on Eigenblogger this afternoon.

Shoutout to you readers! Thanks, you guys, for sticking with this blog through all its crapspazzle.

Have some pics/gifs.

Milky Way Rd

Suggestion Bach

GIF - Animals

GIF - Uncle Sam



Rain Dance

Winnie the Pooh

Thanks guys!

You know what I’ve realized? In all my 430-some-odd blogs, I have yet to truly thank my subscribers/readers for not unsubscribing/continuing to read my crazy ramblings on here. So thanks, you guys. Thanks very much. Especially you, Matt. You comment on almost every single whacked-out post I have. That means a lot. Thank you.

So as a show of appreciation, I will from now on give you a reply comment on any comment you give me. I don’t know why I didn’t do that from the beginning; I probably should have. Oh well, I’ll start now!

All you readers rock. I love you all. I hope I provide enough entertainment to get you through the rough times of boredom. At least, I hope I do when MySpace allows me to.