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The 5,000th Blog

Back when I was in high school, MySpace was the big, cool thing that all the big, cool people were getting into. I was not a big, cool person, but a few of my friends were convinced I was. Specifically, my friends Aneel and E’raina were very insistent that I join them in being big and cool by getting a MySpace account.

So on May 1st, 2006, I finally did.

If you don’t remember MySpace very well, one feature it had was the ability to make blog posts on one’s MySpace page. Once I got my account on May 1st, 2006, I decided to post my very first blog post as well, joking that I’d try to blog daily, but would likely only last in this routine for a month or two.

May 1st, 2006 was exactly 5,000 days ago. 5,000 days ago I made my first blog post. Today, I am making my 5,000th blog post.

That’s more than 13 years of daily blogging. To put that in a slightly different perspective, when I started blogging, I was 18 years old. Now I’m almost 32. I started blogging before I even had my high school diploma; now I’m an instructor at a university.

That’s pretty freaking cool.

Also, sometime along the way, I made it a goal to blog daily for 10,000 days. That means today is finally my halfway point to that goal! Awesome.

(Sorry, I’m excited.)

Here’s to another 5,000 blog posts!


Guess what? I’m 10,000 days old today. I’m not sure if that sounds like too few days for ~27.25 years or too many.

Also, that means that if I’d started blogging the day I was born*, today I would finally have finished with my 10,000 Days project.

I’ll be 20,000 days old on November 4, 2042.

ANYWAY, that’s all you get today because I feel like garbage.

*One-day-old Claudia would probably have posted a blog of equal or better quality than 18-something-years-old Claudia, just sayin’.



Let’s put my 10,000 Days goal into some perspective: I am approximately 25.5 years old. Do you know how many days I’ve been alive?

9,340, counting today.
Nine thousand, three hundred and forty days.

So if I had been blogging from the day I was born, I still wouldn’t have reached my goal yet.
That is like eight levels of psycho.

As it stands, I’ve got about 20 years of blogging to go before I hit 10,000 posts. That is a long, long time, my friends. Think it’ll happen? I hope so!

(Haha, sorry, I don’t have anything exciting to talk about today.)


2,500 days ago, I published my very first blog post.

That’s a little less than 7 years ago (6 years, 10 months, 4 days), for those of you needing a different metric.

A lot can happen in 2,500 days.

I, for instance (in roughly chronological order):

  • Graduated high school
  • Got my wisdom teeth pulled
  • Went on 2 cruises to Alaska
  • Marched a Seattle Seahawks halftime show
  • Witnessed the rise of YouTube
  • Witnessed the fall of MySpace
  • Discovered my passion: statistics
  • Got dumped by someone
  • Discovered Leibniz
  • Roomed with one guy I knew fairly well plus three guys I didn’t know at all
  • Dumped someone
  • Had the most genuine relationship I’ve ever had
  • Earned 2 bachelor’s degrees
  • Turned 21
  • Got accepted into grad school twice
  • Survived swine flu
  • Lived in Vancouver, BC
  • Witnessed the rise of Twitter
  • Ran a 10k
  • Went skydiving
  • Earned a master’s degree
  • Quit a PhD program
  • Walked over 1,000 miles in about 11 months
  • Saw Mount Rushmore
  • Lived in London, ON
  • Been (mentally) very, very sick
  • Took a year off from school
  • Medically withdrew from a PhD program
  • Lived in Tucson, AZ
  • Got a job teaching statistics
  • Went back to undergrad
  • Won NaNoWriMo four times
  • Turned 25
  • Blogged every day

And probably a lot of other stuff that I’m not remembering off the top of my head.

But you know what’s really cool? I’m currently only ONE QUARTER of the way to my goal of 10,000 posts.

Think of all the other things that will happen by post 10,000! That’s not going to be until 2033. What will the world be like in 2033?

I’m excited. That seems so far away.

I added this

So you may have noticed that I’ve got a new little tab thingy up at the top of my blog.

I’ve decided to make my attempt at 10,000 blog posts a legitimate goal. How interesting would it be to see the progression of a person over the span of approximately 27 years? Even though I’m like the least interesting person on the planet, I think just chronicling about a quarter of a century’s worth of time for anyone would prove an interesting study.

So yeah. Yet another Claudia Goal. Are you ready to put up with my inanity for another 21 years?