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Somebody must have found my blog and stumbled through it using the “random post” button, ‘cause I got a total of 127 views today.

That’s insane.

Haha, sorry, not much else has been going on. I’ve been working for like 14 hours straight every day on this stupid thesis and I’m to the point of sleep deprivation that the walls have become sentient and enjoy gyrating in space.


Claudia Sweeps the Eastern Seaboard (and parts of Europe!)

I have a map on my page that marks the locations of all the people who look at my profile. Take a look at said map at the bottom of my page, will you? I mean, not right now, cause right now you’re reading my blog, but later. You’ll notice this little trend: a butt-load on the west coast, mainly centered around Moscow (duh), nothing until a neat little line that appears to travel up the Mississippi River region, tons of dots on the east coast, and about four in Europe. Then there’s one in Africa and one in Australia.

What interests me most is the patterns. Everything (save that one up in northern Canada; probably some lonely guy looking desperately for internet action) has kind of a pattern to it. It’s weird. And how did some dude in Australia find my profile? “G’day, MySpace, let’s see what crazy people we can find. Crikey! Someone from Moscow, Idaho!”

Man, I don’t know. I’m speculating about people who look at my profile. Can you tell I’m bored?

I need a hobby. I mean, besides blogging and dorking around and randomly putting on latex gloves and shouting “I am a doctor! I save lives, dammit!”

If a tree doesn’t fall in the forest and no one is around, does the universe suddenly implode?

Point 1: At some point I reached over 4,000 blog views. I was obviously unaware of this; I’m now up to 4,335.
Point 2: Does anyone else find this phrase freaking hilarious? I found it when I was doing research on a paper for my English class. I swear that this is how it’s written on the page:

“The digression…is an art form, a slice from the mind…showing its depth and range.”

I’d bet money they put those ellipses in there because he digressed in the middle of his sentence about digressing. That freaking made my day. Holy crap.
Point 3: God…boredom. These little “[insert name here] is” or “[insert name here] loves” are all over. So I compiled a list of them all and looked up my name for all of them. What fun!

Claudia is investigating where the phosphorus comes from (because she already discovered the mysteries of the mysterious lurking magnesium)
Claudia likes that someone sells cups to Julia (Julia’s phobia of cups has gone on for six too many years!)
Claudia dislikes the “desert” look (I’m more of a “tropical rainforest” type)
Claudia always went the extra mile on our behalf (damn straight.)
Claudia never fails to make me laugh or cry (haha, that’s usually how it is with me)
Claudia is looking for more individuals with disabilities to participate (hopefully not to create an advantage for herself)
Claudia wants to become Pamela Anderson (oh dear god no!)
Claudia needs it bad (haha, I’m dirty. )
Claudia desires experience above all else (more knowledge than experience, but hey…knowledge comes from experience, right?)
Claudia lacks the cortical (oh noes!)
Claudia eats her Cheerios with a fork (the madness continues)
Claudia hates Shirley Temple (she stole my childhood! All I could do was watch her movies! She taunted me with tap dancing!)
Claudia means Claudia (surprise, surprise!)