Claudia Sweeps the Eastern Seaboard (and parts of Europe!)

I have a map on my page that marks the locations of all the people who look at my profile. Take a look at said map at the bottom of my page, will you? I mean, not right now, cause right now you’re reading my blog, but later. You’ll notice this little trend: a butt-load on the west coast, mainly centered around Moscow (duh), nothing until a neat little line that appears to travel up the Mississippi River region, tons of dots on the east coast, and about four in Europe. Then there’s one in Africa and one in Australia.

What interests me most is the patterns. Everything (save that one up in northern Canada; probably some lonely guy looking desperately for internet action) has kind of a pattern to it. It’s weird. And how did some dude in Australia find my profile? “G’day, MySpace, let’s see what crazy people we can find. Crikey! Someone from Moscow, Idaho!”

Man, I don’t know. I’m speculating about people who look at my profile. Can you tell I’m bored?

I need a hobby. I mean, besides blogging and dorking around and randomly putting on latex gloves and shouting “I am a doctor! I save lives, dammit!”

What sayest thou? Speak!

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