The Inaugural Blog

Well hi there ladies and gents, and welcome to my first blog on WordPress. All past blogs have been uploaded from my old MySpace blog (except for the private ones…they didn’t automatically transfer, so I’ll have to do them individually, which will take some time).

Some things are different, of course–this blog’s theme is not nearly as ostentatious as my old one, and the default font for my blogs is no longer Times New Roman at 10 point font, but what’re you gonna do, eh? I needed a format change, anyway. I also apologize for all the broken pics/links/YouTube videos/what-have-yous in the older blogs. They’re, well, old. Haha.

So yeah! Pretty snazzy. Oh and here, for anyone interested: MySpace profile

Those of you who are new to this particular blog…have fun!




Today’s song: My Own Way to Rock by Burton Cummings

One response

  1. Matt Farnsworth | Reply

    We’ll see if I keep myspace now…


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