Screw you, MySpace.

I’m getting sick of MySpace serving me with divorce papers every time I try to post my blogs, so I’ve been giving some serious thought as to where I would like to restart blogging. I don’t mean “start from this point forward,” though; I would like to be able to export my MySpace blogs to said new site (Blogger, WordPress, wherever the hell) so that they’re all in the same place, ‘cause I’m anal like that.

However, this seems to be an issue. MySpace is also very clingy, as it does not want to give up its RSS feed to anybody. The closest I’ve been able to get to exporting was with WordPress, but that would involve having to export only 10 blogs at a time, so HOLY GOD NO, but that’s the best I’ve gotten so far. Maybe I’m not looking in the right place.

So if any of you happen to know of a blogging site that allows for mass importing of MySpace blogs, please let me know.


Today’s song: Kelly Watch the Stars by AIR

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