Hyperness is next to godliness. Why do you think He only needed seven days?

A few days ago I blogged about what a pain MySpace is with regards to letting me actually post my blogs more than once a fortnight (if I’m lucky) and was wondering about possible exporting tools.
Well, I found one.
Yes, you have to download it, and no, I haven’t actually tested to see if it actually works as an exporter, but when I ran the program I actually saw it go through all my old blogs (that’s 1,571 blogs) and when I opened the raw file in Word, all of them actually showed up. So I’m hopeful.

Now I have to decide between WordPress and Blogger. I like WordPress ‘cause it looks like you can comment without having a profile there; I like Blogger because it looks more customizable from what I can tell. However, I dislike WordPress because, as someone who probably needs quite a bit of storage space, I’ll probably have to pay for the premium account. I dislike Blogger because it’s owned by Google, and I don’t know how I feel about selling my soul just yet.

But yeah. Planned export scheduled for September 1st; if it works, my blogging shall be moved there for all subsequent years.

Today’s song: All About Us by t.A.T.u.

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