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A Thought:

I propose that they officially change the name of Big Ben to “Large Benjamin.” It just sounds so much more British.

Also, “Big Ben” sounds like a name that bullies on the playground would come up with.

This is why I have no friends.

A Thought

As you are all probably very well aware, I have moved around a lot in my life. Yes, most of that was in one city (Moscow), but I’ve moved a lot. Ask my mom.

At some point or another, I have missed living in most of the places I’ve called home, except for that first house on Grant St. (sorry mom) and that shithole I lived in in Vancouver for the first year or so (this one).

Another place that I’ve (surprisingly) not missed very often? My place in London, ON.

I miss the dorm room sometimes because it was so unlike a dorm room and more like a little apartment and I had it all decorated and pretty (this one), but I really don’t miss London at all.

I don’t know if that’s because those 70-ish days I spent there were part of a very bad time in my life or what, but I just didn’t enjoy it there. I knew I shouldn’t have gone, but I went anyway. And then had to come right back, haha.

That was really a rough time. Maybe I’ll tell you all more about it someday.

Maybe not.


Get your medal count sheets ready, it’s Olympics time!

Opening Ceremony comments: I didn’t watch the whole thing, I confess. I watched from the beginning to when they had the nurses and doctors swing dancing amongst the children’s beds. But I really, really liked the first part of the ceremony, where they showed the progression of British history from pre-Industrial Revolution, through the Revolution, and into modern times. I thought the way that was done was fantastic and the way they forged one of the five Olympic rings and then brought it together with the other four was a really creative way to tie the “history lesson” to the Games.

Also, Tubular Bells FTW.

And at least they didn’t pull a Vancouver and break the Olympic cauldron.

Apart from the US, I’m rooting for Sweden. Because dude…it’s Sweden.


Blog 1,988: Miscellany

Big changes forthcoming. Bittersweet. Details at 11.

Though I doubt anyone who reads this blog utilizes the “random post” button thingy, I’ve very slowly being going through all my old blogs and updating the format so that things are consistent across all the posts. Pretty soon everything will be beautiful and happy and I will be at peace with my archives even though no one will ever read them.

I got myself a Gmail account, does that mean I’ve lost my soul?

2,000 blogs. Happening soon. Get ready for excitement.

I don’t remember what Point Five was!

The end!

30-Day Meme – Day 9: A photo you took.

It’s Big Ben! I took this back in 2003 when my dad, grandma, and I went to Stockholm/Helsinki/London. In related news, apparently the giant clock is tilting—almost to the point tourists can see it with the naked eye—due to the ground shifting beneath it. Haha, The Leaning Timepiece of London.

We’re in ON!

WOOHOO, we finally made it!

My mom and I got to London this afternoon (no trouble at the border, though my student visa is going to be a pain), drove around, found my dorm, unloaded all my crap in seemingly record time, experienced the wonder that is the Real Canadian Superstore yet again, got a desk at WalMart, and are now hanging out in my dorm room. Which, by the way, seems nothing like a dorm room and more like my old apartment.

I like it here so far.

Pictures to come whenever I get everything organized and find my camera cable.