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More Blatherning

(This isn’t a poem I hate poems this is just me rambling sorry I’ll shut up I haven’t slept since Thursday.)
(I’m also super emotional ‘cause someone I’ve connected to very strongly over the past few weeks just left Moscow forever.)

I am the friend that helps you move. Right after the last final of the semester or at 3:30 in the morning, I am the one unfolding empty boxes and asking you what you want to pack first.

I am the friend that cleans the kitchen. You pack the stuff in the pantry and last of the cutlery and I scrub the counters, cabinets, and fridge until everything is as clean as the day you moved in.

I am the friend who distracts you. You need a break and so do I, so I suggest we watch a few YouTube videos and we sit on the warm pile of freshly-dried laundry and watch clips of Disney movies for half an hour.

I am the friend that buys the packing tape. It’s 9 PM and you’re panicking because you’ve got an empty tape dispenser but three more boxes still and I run to the gas station down the road while you continue to prioritize your possessions in anticipation for my return with more tape.

I am the friend that folds your clothes. It’s your least favorite thing to do, but you don’t want to just throw your clothes into boxes. So I fold each item for you to pack neatly away. Yes, even the underwear.

I am the friend who makes space in your car. I play Tetris with your boxes and appliances and manage to fit in the sleeping bag and toolkit that you were sure you’d have to leave behind.

I am the friend that drives you around. You need to take your unused U-Haul boxes back but there’s not enough room in your car, so we load them into mine and I take you to return them. I remind you that you need to stop at the post office and request a permanent change of address.

I am the friend who sees you last. The apartment is clean and the car is packed and you’re ready to leave. We don’t know how to say goodbye, so we just hug again and again until it’s finally time for you to go. I wave from the sidewalk and you wave from your open car window until we can no longer see each other.

And even though I am the friend you have known for the least amount of time, I am also the friend who will miss you the most.


Yay, social time!

During TA Day last week (or whenever the hell that was), I happened to sit within a cluster of economics grad students. I talked to one of them for a bit, then I didn’t see any of them for a week or so. The other day, though, the guy I talked to (George) caught up with me while I was walking back to the dorm and it turns out that he lives almost directly above me two floors. He invited me up for tea this afternoon, so I went up there and we raved about Fallout and Metalocalypse and Dostoyevsky and our past college experiences. He went to Yale. He’s super smart.

He’s also from THE Moscow (Russia), which I think is pretty freaky.
AND his dad has a PhD in soil science, like my dad. How freaking weird is that?

Haha, okay, that’s all. It’s my first social encounter since leaving Moscow, what do you want from me?

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Adventures in Boise: Day 3

Today I went two places I’ve never been before:
1) Target (I bought pajamas!)
2) Chili’s

And then I did two things I never thought I would do:
1) Go to a Harry Potter book premiere (I know, Shannyn, it’s shocking!)
2) Go to a Harry Potter book premiere dressed as a pirate

Yeah, so tonight totally rocked. I went with Matt and his friends around town to gather pirate paraphernalia in order to go to the new HP book midnight premiere dressed as pirates. So we go there and realize that we probably won’t be able to get in and get a book, so we leave (after pirating around a little) and go to Starbucks and then downtown for a bit.


It was grand fun.

Adventures in Boise: Day 2

Hooray for Boise! Today my mom and I went downtown and dinked around for about five hours. I like Boise. It’s nice.

Then Matt and his friends (who are awesome, by the way) picked me up from the hotel and we went to IHOP and then downtown. Fun fun!