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Under the Tucson Sun

This is a really well-done set of drone captures of Tucson. It’s got some neat transition effects in there that kind of set it apart from your typical time lapse/drone flyover.

Also, CHVRCHES song.

Are you Koppen with your climate?

So this is a cool little website. It lets you type in a city and highlights places around the world that have similar climates to that city.

Here’s Calgary, with its Dfb Koppen climate (continental climate, no dry season, warm summer)


Moscow, with its Csb Koppen (middle latitude climate, dry season in a warm summer)


Vancouver, with its Cfb Koppen (middle latitude climate, hell on earth no dry season, warm summer)


And Tucson, with its BSh Koppen (dry and hot semi-arid climate)




Shenanigans at 30,000 feet

I am SO sick of flying. Still not sick of airports, though.

On the flight up from Tucson to Seattle I sat next to this 60-something-year-old lady who kept pulling those little mini vodkas out of her purse and kept getting progressively more drunk the closer we got to Seattle.

Some of the highlights included:

  • When she took a paper Burger King crown out of her purse, put it on and shouted, “I’m the co-pilot!”
  • When she looked down the front of her own shirt and whispered, “I’ve found me Lucky Charms!”
  • Her telling me all about her three sons for about fifteen minutes, then laughing hysterically and saying, “I’m just kidding! They’re daughters.”
  • When she finally fell dead asleep about 30 minutes out from Seattle and slumped down so far in her seat that she would have slid out onto the floor had there been more leg room.


Exciting times. I also got to sit in Sea-Tac for like five hours. As usual.

*Someone’s* getting a raise…

So I just saw the laziest political slogan/catchphrase ever.

My mom and I were driving to go look at kitties this afternoon. One of the little political yard signs we passed was this:


“It’s time for a new sheriff.” Say it in your head just like that, not putting the natural emphasis on “new.”

My first reaction was, “well, yeah, technically. Since it’s election time and all…”

Then I laughed for about half an hour straight. It reminded me of that news story headline a couple years ago: “Plumbing Store’s Inventory Destroyed by Flooding.”


Life’s hilarious sometimes.

People Suck (Part II)

So we got rear-ended this evening by some jackass who decided to flee the scene before we were even able to look up and see the car that did it.

The guy hit us on my side, shattering the back light and bending the right-side frame of the car so that both the trunk and back door no longer open. We think he was trying to change lanes ‘cause he didn’t want to stop in line and nailed us as he peeled out from behind us.

So now we think the car will be totaled, so who knows what’ll happen after that. The worst part is that my mom and I were planning on driving about 30 minutes outside of Tucson tomorrow for a 5k charity race. Obviously that’s not going to happen, which freaking sucks.

Karmic backlash for something, probably. At least neither of us got hurt.

Sometimes I like to pretend I matter

Have I mentioned I’m sick of moving?

I’m sick of moving.

This marks the FIFTH TIME THIS YEAR I’ve packed up my stuff and hauled it to some other place in North America.

Random side note:
If Soylent Green is people, why is it green? I wasn’t aware that people are projected to develop chlorophyll by 2022 (no, I haven’t seen the movie, I’ve just read a few brief summaries).
I guess “Soylent Fleshtone” was too on point. And disgusting-sounding.

Random side note version 2:
GOD I LOVE R. If I could write a program for it to make me have its babies, I would.
If I could write a program for it to make me have Leibniz’ babies, I would.

I can’t remember what else I was going to say today.

Robust and Toasty


That badass loft bedroom upstairs? All mine, baby.

More Boring News

Okay, now I’m 95% sure I won’t be in Moscow for much longer. Like I said before (I think), there’s a person down in AZ who seems imminently more qualified to help with the bag of craptastic crappery into which my life currently has fallen.

(Side note: nighttime panic attacks blow heavy metal chunks)
(Side note II: Big Compy  has been making horrible grinding noises ever since they shipped him from London. Quite disconcerting)

Anyway. Just letting anyone who cares know.

No timezone and no sleep make Claudia something something…

Blaaaaaaaaaah what day is it?

I like Arizona. The concept of “75+ degrees in February” is so ridiculously foreign to me, so this state, despite all its governmental issues, gets a plus from me so far.
My mom and Kurt live like 15 miles from anything, so we drove around a lot today.
It’s nice not being in Vancouver and/or doing school stuff for a change. I didn’t really get a break over Christmas, so I’m kind of doing that now.


Sorry these are all kinda short, I’m just chillin’.

Claudia’s Arizona Adventures: Day 1

Aaaaaand now I’m in Arizona.

I’ve spent like 10 hours on planes/in airports within the last 36 hours, which is more than I’ve slept in the same period of time.

I saw the stars tonight for the first time in like 4 weeks. I like it down here already.

I also apparently look about 16, as I was stopped three separate times today by people needing to “check if I was old enough” to do various things, including flying alone (I’m not kidding), getting a complimentary cocktail (for using my dad’s Horizon Gold Member miles, haha), and by another stewardess who, for whatever reason, decided it important to inquire about my age.

Fun day.