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Waiter! There’s a Matt Farnsworth in my Blog!

About freaking time, too.

Yes, so it’s finally here. And on your birthday as well! And I’m shocked and surprised that MySpace is actually working so’s I can get this up on the correct date and make it even more special (even though it’s like 11:58 and you’re probably sleeping and won’t see this until tomorrow, earliest).

But anyway…

Yes, here is the long-awaited flash. And I must warn you…it will disappoint. I’m not even going to say “might,” because I know it will. It’s only three minutes long. Four if you count the credits. How sad is that? Four months, four minutes. I sincerely apologize for the sucking that this flash will do (and not sexual sucking either, which is even more disappointing, haha).

So here is my obligatory disclaimer that I put on freaking everything: this is not meant to insult. I don’t think it will—it kind of evolved from a “let’s make fun of Matt just for the heck of it” to a “let’s put Matt in crazy situations with Millard Fillmore and see what happens next” kind of thing.


So yeah.

I’m not asking for anything, just a little credit for actually finishing something that I set out to do that wasn’t school-related.

I hope you like (tolerate) it!


The Matt Farnsworth Experience
Claudia “Can’t Finish a Flash in Good Time if Her Life Depends on it” Mahler


Enjoy, and happy birthday!

61 Songs about Dental Floss and Other Mania-Induced Productions

Hey people, sorry about that private blog yesterday. Don’t worry, it wasn’t about anyone. It was just some crap I had to vent about myself a little. Fun continues now!

Hello my fine ladies and gentlemen! Today, I realized I wanted a fish for my dorm. A bug-eyed one. Named Bug-Eye. I already have the little weirdo picked out at Pets are People Too.
Problem = I have no pump/bubbler for a fish tank.
Actually, real problem = I have no fish tank whatsoever.

So I’m pissed.

Being pissed, I made this instead!
I dub him “Pilgrim.” It strikes me.

Yes, I know the water and rocks are shifted a bit, but what’re you gonna do? Also, don’t you love the way he turns around?


I’m a loser.

Protected: It’s craptastic.

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An Imperfect Algorithm (or, Claudia + Flash 5 + old timey music = wtf)

I swear I don’t know where this came from. I guess a recessed part of my brain was awakened by my discovery of a clip of old-timey music in the Newgrounds audio portal. I had to steal it and make my own animation. It makes no sense, it has no plot, the varying shades of gray are dull at best, but hey, it’s Saturday and I’m bored.

An improvement over the Aneel animation? Doubtful. Aneel’s infamy will live on in Flash form forever* (as soon as I get around to finishing it).


*If you would like your infamy to live on in Flash form forever, please tell me! I adore making dorky Flash animations, and I adore my friend-people. Put two and two together and what can be better?
Please note: you must provide at least one aspect of your personality and/or a part of your physical appearance and/or a hobby that I can use to make fun of you.

Please also note: I do not like being sued, so this is at your own risk.

Through my crappy flash animation, we all of us get to see Aneel in a dress

Haha, second time posting this piece of crap! But I’ve extended it a bit and added some more fun stuff: drinking! If it’s too insulting now, I’ll take it down. If not, be prepared to be dazzled on your birthday!



So you want to build a three-masted schooner…

I’m calling this art, even though it’s a piece of crap.
I’ll modify it/remove it/hang my head in shame if you want me to, Aneel.
But yeah. This is basically the intro, I plan on animating the whole song.

Hope it’s not too bad! I suck at Flash!


Here you go, you horny little weirdos. My masterpiece. For the few of you who were in it (and the many of you who have heard about it), here is the special re-submitted “The Desert!”

For all of you who have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, I strongly suggest that you watch it.

NOTE: this was made about a year and a half ago one late summer night when I was off the pills and on the sugar. You’ve been warned.

Here are the new links:
The Desert I
The Desert II
The Desert III
The Desert IV
The Desert V
The Desert VI
The Desert VII
The Desert VIII
The Desert IX
The Desert X
The Desert Finale
The Desert Aftermath
Alternate Finale (watch this one after episode ten, then continue on to the aftermath)


Also, here is today’s Fillmore Fact™ (please note that yesterday’s Fact was the font thing. Yes, I’m counting that. Shut up.):
Holy crap…he was one of only two presidents to have double letters in both his first and last names! (special bonus gold star for the person who figures out who this other president was! )

An anomaly in my regular blogging schedule

What’s this? I’m blogging in the middle of the day? WTF?
Well, biology lab doesn’t start until next week, and band doesn’t start until next week, so I don’t have any classes today!

So I decided, because I’m bored and have nothing to do, rather than a normal Fillmore Fact™, I would provide for you a taste of my (crappy) Flash skills.

This short film explores Cheech and Chong’s “Dave” by placing Dave (movie president; it’ll make more sense if you’re familiar with the movie) outside the gates of heaven. When he knocks, the angel of Millard Fillmore comes to answer. Hilarity ensues.

Several notes on this short little film:
~the sound is low. Turn up the volume.
~the quality is low. That’s because I can’t animate.
~that thing in the middle is supposed to be the gates to heaven, where Fillmore resides.
~the preloader is from newgrounds.com, cause it’s the only place I could find a preloader.
~this was made in about 10 minutes.




Oh, and comments are APPRECIATED!!! (HINT HINT HINT!)

What makes you think I’m in denial about finals? There aren’t any finals! What finals?!

More animation from random internet sources happy fun time!

They just found a spot on Uranus!

Alrightythen. I just got flash from my mom (Flash 5, since she doesn’t use it and the newer ones can only be installed on two computers). I am now learning to use it. I am hoping to create many weird things with it.


P.S. Don’t read this.