So after like five years of talking about it, I finally did it: I finally made and ordered a paper copy of my blogs.

Well, for now, just Year 1. I’m going to see how it looks and how I like the binding/print/look of it all, and if it’s neato Frito, I’mma do all the rest of the years. I’ll show it to y’all once it comes in the mail.

And yes, I just said “neato Frito.” Fight me.

Edit: damn you, Canada Post, I want my bloggggggggggggs. Now I know how my readers feel.





That is all.

Every sponge cake is a waterfall

Holy hell.

  1. That guy sounds so much like Freddie.
  2. This is the only version of this song that rivals the original.
  3. The tone change caused by the Queen style is chilling.

Postmodern Jukebox is a gift we do not deserve.

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Sleepyhead Remix: A Forgotten Happy

So as I’m sure many of you know, I’m all about the Sleepyhead remixes. I have approximately 25 or so of them.

Well, I just re-discovered this one and forgot how good it was. Check it out:

Love that violin chorus.

I almost forgot:

Nate and I met a super nice kitty on one of our walks a while back and we met him again today. Took a picture of him. His name’s Kevin.


(Am I a creep for posting a picture of some other person’s cat on my blog?)

We also murdered a caterpillar by proxy by drawing Kevin’s attention to it (he had no interest in it until we tried to move it off the sidewalk and it started doing it’s “get away from me predator” thrash, which immediately made Kevin claw the hell out of it), so there’s that.



Y’all want some cool math-related stuff? Check out this website.





UI schedule for next semester. Because that’s just what I do.


  • HIST 379: History of Science II: 1700 – Present
  • MATH 480: Partial Differential Equations
  • STAT 535: Introduction to Bayesian Statistics


  • CS 460: Database Management Systems Design
  • CS 479: Data Science

I miss undergrad.

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More NaNo Thoughts

In addition to 1) wanting to continue working on last year’s NaNo, despite its lameness, and 2) wanting to retry my 2016 NaNo idea, despite its lameness, I have another (lame) idea that I’ve had in the back of my head for a while. It’s an idea that I’m sure has been done thousands of times…but hasn’t everything? It’s all about how you do it, right?

Anyway. It involves a cruise ship on which it is discovered that one of the passengers has some contagious illness (possibly one that the CDC hasn’t fully identified yet, but is dangerously contagious and deadly) and no port will allow the cruise ship to dock due to the risk of spreading the illness, so they’re forced to remain at sea as more and more passengers get sick and provisions run low.

Yeah, I know, dumb.

TIL: The Planck Constant can be hilarious

Alternate title: GOD I’M OBNOXIOUS

Hokay. So Nate and I were playing Jeopardy this evening and some question* came up that made me think of the kilogram. This got me ranting and raving about said kilogram, as I am wont to do, so I looked it up on my phone because I knew that there have been recent attempts to redefine the kilogram based on a physical constant and I wanted to see exactly what that redefinition would be.

This eventually led to looking up the Planck constant, which led to viewing this equation:


Of course it’s the mobile version of Wiki so it scrolls right in order for you to view the rest of the equation, but I initially didn’t think of that and I thought it was beyond hilarious that the Planck constant equaled 4.1. 4.1 what? Who the hell knows, that’s why it was funny.


*I can’t recall the specifics of the question, because like any well-adjusted happy person, I gloss over large amounts of my existence so that it’ll feel like I reach death faster.


Hahaha, oh my god, I laughed way harder at this than I probably should have.

Jenna Marbles is awesome.


Cooking dinner makes me anxious.

That’s…really dumb, but unfortunately true.

That’s all I have to say today, sorry.

A Thing I’d Never Thought I’d Say:

I prefer Twitter to Facebook now.


  • Of the 40-ish friends I have on Facebook, most of them are either using Facebook to be passive-aggressive to another person or are pooping out kids and posting exclusively about pooping out kids (or, in one bizarre case, passively-aggressively pooping out kids). I have no interest in any of those things.
  • On Twitter, I follow The Royal Society, Calgary Transit, a few pedestrian-promoting groups, some of the AH guys, Stats Canada, other stats groups/dudes, and a fair number of baseball pages/people. So y’know, things that are interesting and drama-free.

(Except for baseball. Sometimes baseball has all the drama.)

So yeah.

Let’s get down to business…to defeat…the nuns!

You know what sucks? Migraines.

You know what also sucks? Ocular migraines. An “ocular migraine” occurs when blood flow is reduced to the eye or the blood vessels in the retina spasm and results in partial or complete vision loss in the effected eye. How long the vision loss lasts varies from person to person, but it usually lasts about half an hour to an hour.

Ocular migraines can also precede good ol’ regular migraines or can occur with a good ol’ regular migraine.

I’ve talked about my ocular migraines on here quite a few times. For me, the partial or complete vision loss in one eye is my signal to take some Excedrin, ‘cause Big Boy Migraine Headache is angry and will be taking a sledgehammer to the inside of my skull very soon after my vision returns.

But now? The signs that I’ve come to recognize as the start of the ocular migraine (tingly fingertips, that small blind spot that grows and spreads) have happened a few times without the ocular migraine (or actual migraine) following. That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but that’s caused me to take Excedrin when I didn’t need to, which is something I really don’t like. Hell, I don’t like to take medicine in general, but if I take it and it turns out I didn’t need to, that really bothers me.

Such a small dose of Excedrin when I don’t need it is probably not going to hurt me, but it’s the principle of the thing, yo. Now I feel like I have to wait until the ocular migraine fully kicks in to justify taking Excedrin, which at that point is really pushing it; if I don’t take the Excedrin early enough before the migraine headache part starts, it doesn’t do anything to help the pain, and then everything sucks for about half a day.

So yeah. Just venting, sorry!


Remember that post about the Theremin that I made a few weeks ago? Hear it in Debussy form!

This is really beautiful.

Well that was one of the quickest purchases I’ve ever made

Hi there.

So there’s this website called Amorphia Apparel which carries a bunch of t-shirt designs by Jeremy Kalgreen. I dig his style and have this shirt because I think it’s badass.

Anyway, one series of designs he does is called “Monsters of Grok” which is where he takes a band’s logo design and uses it for a name of some influential thinker from history. See David Hume (Daft Punk), Descartes (Deadmau5), and Quine (Queen) as examples.

I have been waiting forever for him to do one for Leibniz. I even got on the mailing list to be notified if/when such a design was produced.

And lo! In my inbox this morning? “Your Amorphia Apparel request is fulfilled.”


Bought it. Eagerly awaiting it. Excited.

Edit: Calgary, why does your one and only Fed-Ex place have to be on the freaking moon?



Monkey See Monkey OH GOD

Did you ever have Sea Monkeys as a kid? I did. Here’s an interesting documentary on what Sea Monkeys actually are as well as what a terrible person their creator was.

(Note: “holy shit he’s a terrible person” action starts at 10:57)

Ha, Nice

I like this.

(Sorry, I have nothing interesting to say, as per usual.)