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A Wrinkle in Foot



That is all.

Protected: More Gross Feet, Sorry

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Today, I decided to see if my iPhone would accept one of my toe prints as an additional “fingerprint” that could be used to unlock my phone.

Y’know, for science.

Results (there’s music about half way through, so keep the volume kinda low):

(Would the U of C still let me teach if they found out that this is how I spend my free time?)
(Or is this how profs get tenure?)

Also, I love that my husband can come in the living room, see me pressing my iPhone to my big toe, and not be phased by it.

Note: it does not accept a tongue print.

My Feet: An Intimate Look

When my mom and I were in Coeur d’Alene the other day, we stopped at Fleet Feet and got our feet scanned. I just got my scan emailed to me today, so let’s take a look together! THERE’S NOT ENOUGH OF MY FEET ON THIS BLOG AND YOU KNOW IT.

Here they are from the front.


Fun fact: my left foot is size 6.9 D and my right foot a 6.6 D. This is very strange to me because everything else on the right side of my body is larger than the left side of my body except for, apparently, my feet.

Here’s the view from the top. I don’t know what my right pinky toe is up to, but it looks like it’s trying to break free.


I have wide-ass feet. I already knew this, but now I have proof. The “D” in my shoe size is code for “duck feet” because they’re basically flippers in terms of their width. They’re not the widest, but they’re pretty wide. This is why I keep having to size up in my Kinvaras, because they keep making them narrower with each new version.

I also have short feet (toe to heel length) compared to the rest of the female population, so that’s great.

My feet are pretty similar except in their arches. I have a low arch on my left foot and a high arch on my right. You can kind of see it in the scan.


I also have a low instep height compared to the rest of the female population and narrow heel width compared to the rest of the female population

What Happens at Mile 30 Stays at Mile 30 (warning: gross feet pics)

Walking 30 miles takes quite a bit of time.

It also beats the hell out of my feet. Ready to see?

Gross callouses!


My feet have the consistency of a pumice stone.


I might lose my toenail.


This is the bottom of my foot after walking in the rain for a few hours.



Sorry. I know it’s gross, but it’s what’s up with my life right now.

Moscow Dust (Warning: Gross Feet)

I wear little ankle-high socks when I walk. That’s the only time I don’t mind short socks.

Anyway, I walked about 8 miles today and I had these nice little dust leggings by the time I got back home. I would have had to walk more than 20 miles to get the same dust build-up in Calgary.

image (21)

Must be the dryness.

(Apologies for my gross legs; I didn’t have anything else to blog about today.)
(Also, I have the cankles of a god.)