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Oot and Aboot on the Scoot

I’ve mentioned the Bowness Scooter Gang on here before, but just in case anyone wants a fantastic read on the proliferation of Reddit-driven Scooter Gangs in Calgary, here y’all go:

Original post

Ogden Scooter Gang rivals

Fightin’ words

Scootergang doubt

What gang to join?

Professional gang members

Scoots in a truck

This is the best thing to ever happen to the Calgary subreddit.

Flavors Gonna Flave

One of my favorite things I’ve “discovered” on my walks is the giant Stoney Trail bridge that shoots over Bowness Park.


The first time I walked into Bowness Park I had no idea where I was going (as per usual), so I just kept walking west. The further in you go, the less “park” it becomes and instead becomes much more “wood.” Then, when you’re in the thickest part of it, bam!


This giant concrete structure just comes out of nowhere and swoops over the park. It’s so surreal-looking against the woods that it’s almost startling.

But in a good way. I really like the contrast.

Anyway. I discovered this last summer but only just took my first picture of it, so you get to hear about it now.

Happy birthday.