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Today I performed an exorcism of the demons living in my toenail

And by “exorcism” I mean “I cut my toenail.” But the level of effort was comparable to an exorcism.

So for quite some time now, my toenail has looked like this demon-possessed thing:

Basically, it turned black and the toenail started to kind of slide off, but another toenail grew beneath it at the same time. This made my toenail about a half a centimeter thick and made it pretty much impossible to clip.

But slowly, very slowly, the old toenail has ground down to the point where the whole thing is actually starting to look and feel normal.

And today was the first day in a long time that I was actually able to legitimately cut that toenail. Now it looks like this!

I call it a victory. It’s a gross victory, but a victory nonetheless.

(The fact that this is like my tenth post about my toenails speaks volumes about the quality about my blog, don’t you think?)


Me: You know what would be a fun addition to daily 15-mile walks?
Toes: Don’t say it.
Me: Replacing some of the miles with 13-mile runs!

Yeah, they’re angry. I don’t blame them.

Haha, I love how every summer there are at least five blogs dedicated to how much I’ve brutalized my feet.


Remember back in July when I posted that picture of my wonky toenail? A reminder:


Well, today it finally fell off. Kinda.

I was walking earlier and felt something in my sock. This is not unusual; I’m always adopting little rock friends in my socks as I walk.

But when I got home and took off my shoes and socks, HEY LOOK, A TOENAIL!


The black toenail from the above picture just kind of held on to my toe while another better toenail grew beneath it. The black part is what finally fell off in my sock. Still have the good part, though.

(It’s super soft)
(Sorry, this is super gross)