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Oh, The Sims…

HAHAHA, oh my god.

“Put ‘em in the Fun Pit.”

“Go back to Thanos. See what he’s up to. Oh, he’s playin’ football!”

I like to think this is how they storyboarded Infinity War.

Construction Complete

I am DONE with grandma’s house in The Sims! Finally!

The outside/front yard:


The dining room/kitchen:

Kitchen Dining Room

Another shot of the kitchen:


The living room (and the other dining room past it):

Dining Room

The living room as viewed from the dining room:

Living Room

The bottom floor:


Another shot of the bottom floor:


The backyard/pool:


The master bedroom:


Another shot of the master bedroom:

Bedroom 2

And the bird’s-eye shots from above for each of the three floors, because getting good/close screenshots of every room in this house is impossible:

Floor1 Floor2 Floor23

I miss you, grandma!

I’m ignoring yesterday’s events by playing The Sims


Since both my grandpa and grandma on my dad’s side have passed away, my dad and my aunt/uncles have decided to put their California house up for sale.

This makes me super sad; I always liked grandma’s house—it’s huge and weird and has a pool—and given how often I’ve moved houses in my life, it was nice to know that that house would always be the same. But now it will soon belong to someone else.

SO, what I’ve decided to do is build the house as accurately as I can in The Sims, including accurate (well, as accurate as possible) furniture and décor and all that fun stuff. It’s going to take a while ‘cause that house is huge, but I’m going to do it! I’ll post screenshots here when I’m done (as if anyone cares).

Is an admirable bakery product considered a roll model?

I haven’t played it since 2012, I’m pretty sure. But I got the urge to play it again the other day and magically remembered my old Origin username and password so that I didn’t have to buy a new copy.

(Like that would have deterred me.)


Update: I made a dude named Dominic. He’s got a crap job and no money ($14 as of my writing this) and a house that contains the bare minimum furniture to keep him alive and somewhat happy.

Update 2: HE GOT FREAKING ROBBED. The robber stole his fridge. Seriously? The dude was so desperate for a fridge that he broke into the crappiest house in the neighborhood and made off with the crappiest fridge that had no food in stock? Why didn’t the robber steal Dominic’s last $14 to go on a McDonald’s binge or something?

Update 3: Oh good, the cops recovered the fridge. THANK GOD, THAT WAS ALMOST TRAGIC.

Update 4: Dominic was super lonely (he’s a social Sim), so I made him a roommate named Leon The Lion to keep him company.

Update 5: Aww, they’re in love now!

Update 6: Leon proposed! Time to plan a wedding. Unfortunately, Dominic wants a lot of people at the wedding, and as of right now him and Mr. The Lion are the only two Sims in the neighborhood. Time to build friends!

(Further updates to follow, most likely.)

Miscellaneous Crap from Across the Internet

God, I love Fallout.

This is the fun you can have with the Sims. It’s fantastic. “What is it with these people constantly trying to molest John McCain?”

This is a triumph. Since I’ll be back in Moscow at the end of finals/for a few days after, I suggest we have a post-semester party in my basement and make these.

And pictures:




Today’s song: Perfect Day by Susan Boyle

Shall I compare thee to a bed of nails?



Hi people. Today I shall provide you with (gasp!) a list of my favorite games of all time. I’ve been gaming a lot lately, due to the fact that school has yet to begin up here.


I grew up on this game, so it has become part of my soul. This is one of those retro early ‘90s FPSs with no story and horrible (read: awesome) graphics. I was so damn good at this game when I was a kid.

Rock Band/Rock Band II
This game is for crazy people like Sean and myself who take it way too seriously. This game is for all college students who, despite having way too much to study for, are able to somehow play in a fake band for 4 hours straight every Monday-Saturday. In other words, this game is awesome.

Fallout 3
The most recent addition to this list, Fallout 3 is half FPS, half RPG, and it is for those reasons that I love it. It’s also got a lot of humor (threesome offers from soda enthusiasts and love letters from people who want to blow up your city, anyone?) and there are a lot of different ways to “make” your character. Awesome.
Oh, and Button.
Button rocks.

Cosmic Osmo
OH GOD RETRO! Another of those early ‘90s/late ‘80s games, Cosmic Osmo is a Mac (Macintosh, back then, I guess, eh?) game that’s entirely in black and white, which allowed for the world to be HUGE, especially for back in those days. Totally a kid’s game, totally awesome. It’s really hard to find now; apparently eBay copies are selling for like $300. It also can’t be played on Macs nowadays, which blows.

The Sims 1 and 2
The Sims is great. I always made my Sims as replicates of people I knew in real life, then I married people that I thought would go well together, and sometimes I would kill my enemies. Then I got a metric ton of mods and my Sims became orange, giant babies, 500-pound fat guys, skeletons, floating torsos, and were able to have ridiculous amounts of children (FOUR HUNDRED BABIES!). Fun times.

Gordon Freeman is like the Chuck Norris of video games. Alternate univerise alien creatures show up, Gordon’s all, “not in MY research facility, bitches!” Then he whips out his crowbar and weilds it in a way only an MIT graduate could. I wonder how bad his PTSD was after this incident? Like, every time someone mentioned the word “rotors,” did he start spazzing and chucking crowbars at fellow scientists?
That would be a great alternate sequel. “Half-Life 2: Mental Breakdown.”

The Neverhood
So have you ever seen a game made entirely out of clay? Well then you’ve obviously never played this. It’s sort of a puzzle game, in which you play Klayman, a clay dude (durh) who has to somehow get the true king Hoborg’s crown back from the evil Klogg. The music is rad, and the little touches this game has make it awesome.

Gears of War
Because “I ON DA COLE TRAIN!” is the best thing to shout in any situation. And because I like shooters.

Several random things presented in a numbered list with multiple details entered for each item

1. Books:
Twelve. I have twelve books for this semester. How much did they cost altogether? $500. How much did they weigh altogether? 48 lbs. How much did they feel like they weighed when all the weight was supported by a thin little piece of plastic bag handle? 100 lbs. Frick. ‘Twas painful.

2. SimReality:
So here’s this new thingy I wanna try. It’s going to be like a reality show, except it goes on in The Sims 2. It’s going to be an experiment involving the old high school group of Aneel, E’raina, Candida, Shannyn, Amy, and myself. We will live in this big mansion thingy and I’ll just let things go to see what happens. I will call it “SimReality.” It will premiere this Saturday. Get ready, people.

3. Obligatory FillmoreFact™:
Apparently, his last words were, upon being fed some soup, “the nourishment is palatable.”