Several random things presented in a numbered list with multiple details entered for each item

1. Books:
Twelve. I have twelve books for this semester. How much did they cost altogether? $500. How much did they weigh altogether? 48 lbs. How much did they feel like they weighed when all the weight was supported by a thin little piece of plastic bag handle? 100 lbs. Frick. ‘Twas painful.

2. SimReality:
So here’s this new thingy I wanna try. It’s going to be like a reality show, except it goes on in The Sims 2. It’s going to be an experiment involving the old high school group of Aneel, E’raina, Candida, Shannyn, Amy, and myself. We will live in this big mansion thingy and I’ll just let things go to see what happens. I will call it “SimReality.” It will premiere this Saturday. Get ready, people.

3. Obligatory FillmoreFact™:
Apparently, his last words were, upon being fed some soup, “the nourishment is palatable.”


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