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So last time I checked, this was spring break week, right?


Have a picture of an “in need of repair” piano sitting in the music building.



And have some turret.

TWSB: Portals, Portals, Everywhere and Not a Cake to Eat

Matt, This Week’s Science Blog is for you, ‘cause I know you really dig Portal.

Here on the Steam forums is a list of Portal physics answers (warning: not devoid of childish internet arguing and name-calling).

I like the crushing one (the second scenario). This stuff makes me want to play around with Garry’s Mod.


Speaking of Garry’s Mod…

Just a little tidbit of the internet to lighten your day. My day’s pretty much sucked, at least, so I hope yours is going better.

Miscellaneous Crap from Across the Internet

God, I love Fallout.

This is the fun you can have with the Sims. It’s fantastic. “What is it with these people constantly trying to molest John McCain?”

This is a triumph. Since I’ll be back in Moscow at the end of finals/for a few days after, I suggest we have a post-semester party in my basement and make these.

And pictures:




Today’s song: Perfect Day by Susan Boyle

Freaking Sean

I guess I have to concede and say that he was right on this one: Portal is an amazing game. Play it. It’s incredibly funny. It’s also a very spatial game, so that makes it even cooler.

I can also see why Sean wants to marry GLADoS.


And the Aperture Science vs. Black Mesa presentation slides going on in one of the rooms makes me happy.