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Thinkin’ Things

So I have NO IDEA what triggered my memory of this, but back when I was in elementary school, my dad had gotten me the Thinkin’ Things collection (original, Collection 2, and Collection 3). These were three computer games that consisted of sets of puzzles, interactive playthings, and things that made a lot of music/sound.

I LOVED them. I have so many memories of playing through them for HOURS at my dad’s condo on that old Mac computer that he had.

Here’s a place where you can play the first one.

My favorite was the shapes that all made different sounds (the icon with the white dot grid and the geometric shapes on it)

And the second one.

I think my favorite game in the second collection was the one where you could draw a path and have a set of shapes follow it (the one with the window/circles icon).

I can’t find an interactive version of the third collection, but here’s a YouTube vid:

The one with the balls and the sand (7:34), OH MY GOD I LOVED IT. I remember all of these sounds, man. And the half time one (25:01) EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Yay nostalgia.

Did anyone else have these games?


Have I mentioned this game on here before? I’m not sure and I’m too lazy to check (pro blogging, yo), so I’mma mention it now.

Among the funky computer games I played as a kid was this one called Pantsylvania. I remember playing this with my friend GE in Troy a lot. It was basically this game where you could explore the town of Pantsylvania through several different buildings and with the guidance of different characters that had you do different things in the buildings. It was super point-and-click fun for young kids and I remember really enjoying it.

The frog gets a lot of hate, apparently. He was my fave.

Edit: here it is if you want to play it yourself!