Is an admirable bakery product considered a roll model?

I haven’t played it since 2012, I’m pretty sure. But I got the urge to play it again the other day and magically remembered my old Origin username and password so that I didn’t have to buy a new copy.

(Like that would have deterred me.)


Update: I made a dude named Dominic. He’s got a crap job and no money ($14 as of my writing this) and a house that contains the bare minimum furniture to keep him alive and somewhat happy.

Update 2: HE GOT FREAKING ROBBED. The robber stole his fridge. Seriously? The dude was so desperate for a fridge that he broke into the crappiest house in the neighborhood and made off with the crappiest fridge that had no food in stock? Why didn’t the robber steal Dominic’s last $14 to go on a McDonald’s binge or something?

Update 3: Oh good, the cops recovered the fridge. THANK GOD, THAT WAS ALMOST TRAGIC.

Update 4: Dominic was super lonely (he’s a social Sim), so I made him a roommate named Leon The Lion to keep him company.

Update 5: Aww, they’re in love now!

Update 6: Leon proposed! Time to plan a wedding. Unfortunately, Dominic wants a lot of people at the wedding, and as of right now him and Mr. The Lion are the only two Sims in the neighborhood. Time to build friends!

(Further updates to follow, most likely.)

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