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Waiter! There’s some freezing over in my hell!

Me: Yay, it’s good to be back in Calgary. Hello, Calgary!

The temperature, as it tanks over the next few days:

Seriously, though, what is this madness?


That first line of temps contains the “highs” and the second line contains the “feels like” temperatures. And yes, those are in Fahrenheit.

It’s supposed to warm up starting next weekend, but that’s exactly how last February was supposed to start. Instead, it was this madness all month.

I don’t know if I can do that again.

That’s Why They Call Me Mr. Fahrenheit

I really like this explanation of why Fahrenheit is a good “understandable” temperature scale, even though its set points of 0 and 100 are kinda wonky. It’s practical and intuitive for human “day-to-day” use. It’s also more precise.

I love me a kilogram, but I’ll be damned if I ever support Celsius.

(And yes, I know I take this stuff way too seriously.)



This is still one of the most entertaining comparison charts for some reason. Like, I have no idea why the different temperature scales are so damn entertaining to me, but they are.


It’s like a little family of scales, dude. Rankine and Kelvin are the parents; Fahrenheit wants to be just like daddy (mommy?) Rankine; Celcius wants to be just like mommy (daddy?) Kelvin. Réaumur, Rømer, and Newton just want to stay out of things.

And what the hell is Delisle doing?


Actually, the reason the Delisle scale is in “reverse” is because its inventor, French astronomer Joseph-Nicolas Delisle, built a thermometer containing mercury, chose boiling water as his initial “zero” point, and measured the change in the amount the contracted or expanded. Contracting mercury (that is, colder temperatures) “added” to the zero (meaning higher values on the Delisle scale); expanding mercury (warmer temperatures) “subtracted” from zero (meaning lower values on the Delisle scale). Apparently Celsius was also originally “reversed” like this, but was changed upon the death of its inventor, Anders Celsius, who had based the scale partially on Delisle’s work.

Cool stuff.

Also, I love the idea that the average human body temperature is 558.27 degrees using the Rankine scale.

In This Blog: Claudia Does a Dumb and Walks a Mile in -31 Degree Weather

I know that doesn’t sound like a very long distance, but OHMYGOD.


It was really only like -8 or something (hahaha, “only” -8), but we were getting like 15 mph wind gusts—so with wind chill it was -31—and I had to walk directly into them to get home from the bus. It also didn’t help that there was snow blowing EVERYWHERE so it only took about 30 seconds for my glasses to get coated in flurry debris. Plus, it had snowed so much that it was hard to tell where the road was versus where the sidewalk was, so I was kind of stumbling around anyway, never mind that my eyelashes were freezing together and I couldn’t feel my toes after the first block.

Seriously, I have a new respect for cold now. I would not want to go back out in that.

(Except I kinda do.)
(It was exciting.)

In related news, this is going to be the first week I won’t make my mileage goal, mainly because the weather is not walker-friendly tonight and because it probably won’t be walker-friendly tomorrow. I’ll make up the lost miles after finals.

This Week’s Science Blog is Absolutely Cool


Here is a fascinating PBS documentary on the history of cold and absolute zero. I don’t really know what else I can really say here aside from WATCH THIS! Seriously, it’s really quite interesting.

Dear Vancouver: 90 degrees? Really?

Edit: YES I KNOW I should be using Celsius, but screw that. I wanted that unambiguous “this weather blows” feeling from the title, not “what’s that in Fahrenheit again?”

I like the heat. I really do. But when I automatically get +50 humidity damage when I walk out the front door, things get bad pretty quickly. I’m glad I made up Friday’s not going to the rec center yesterday instead of today, ‘cause I’m pretty sure I would have died from some sort of heat-related incident there this afternoon (I don’t think they know what fans are in Canada).

I also had the dumb idea of making bread today (dumb because of the fact that my apartment was nearly 87 degrees BEFORE I preheated the oven to 400). I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks totally good. Yayzorz.

On a totally unrelated note, it’s Clock Day today! So go to newgrounds.com and check out all the good/bad/funny/serious stuff the clocks have made for today.


Today’s song: Dancing On My Own by Robyn


Today I found a Sidebar gadget that displays the temperature in Kelvin. Which is something I’ve always wanted.
And just for reference, 280K is too damn cold for me.