This is still one of the most entertaining comparison charts for some reason. Like, I have no idea why the different temperature scales are so damn entertaining to me, but they are.


It’s like a little family of scales, dude. Rankine and Kelvin are the parents; Fahrenheit wants to be just like daddy (mommy?) Rankine; Celcius wants to be just like mommy (daddy?) Kelvin. Réaumur, Rømer, and Newton just want to stay out of things.

And what the hell is Delisle doing?


Actually, the reason the Delisle scale is in “reverse” is because its inventor, French astronomer Joseph-Nicolas Delisle, built a thermometer containing mercury, chose boiling water as his initial “zero” point, and measured the change in the amount the contracted or expanded. Contracting mercury (that is, colder temperatures) “added” to the zero (meaning higher values on the Delisle scale); expanding mercury (warmer temperatures) “subtracted” from zero (meaning lower values on the Delisle scale). Apparently Celsius was also originally “reversed” like this, but was changed upon the death of its inventor, Anders Celsius, who had based the scale partially on Delisle’s work.

Cool stuff.

Also, I love the idea that the average human body temperature is 558.27 degrees using the Rankine scale.


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