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Today I found a Sidebar gadget that displays the temperature in Kelvin. Which is something I’ve always wanted.
And just for reference, 280K is too damn cold for me.

Where the flip-flying hell is Pinball?!

What’s this crap?

I was bored this afternoon and tired of messing with my far-less-than-adequate internet connection, so I thought to myself “I’ll just watch some Futurama and play some good old-fashioned Windows pinball.”

Yeah, turns out that’s not happening. Apparently, PINBALL ISN’T ON VISTA. What FREAKING GENIUS thought that crap up? “Here’s Vista, which kinda sucks on its own. Let’s remove the ONE GAME that was consistently fun, consistently operational, and consistently time wasting. Hooray for Microsoft!”


So at the moment my pinball total is asscockshitrapeFUCK and I’m pissed about it.