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The Brave Little Blogger Goes for the 4 Year Mark

Next month at this time, I shall have passed the “I’ve been blogging for four years” mark. A stupid celebration of my lack of a life is being planned.

In other news, four day weekend, bitches! Thank you, Christianity.

ALSO: the very brief conversation with Maggie regarding Mika’s “Rain” music video (congrats, by the way ) got me thinking about the strange/cool/WTF music videos I’ve seen in my quest for a new song every day (and, of course, in years previous). You know this means you have to put up with another list (don’t worry, no repeats of past MVs I’ve posted):

  • Sebastien Tellier’s Look: probably the smoothest, most chill music video I’ve seen. Nothing like staring at a lady’s backside for four minutes.
  • Air’s Sing Sang Sung: nice flow, plus COLORS!
  • Mika’s Relax (Take it Easy): again, COLORS!
  • Queen’s Who Wants to Live Forever: because it’s Queen and this song is insanely awesome.
  • Gigi D’agostino’s The Riddle: I have no idea if I’ve ever linked to this one before, but it’s cool enough to be a repost if I happened to have done so. Jacob gets like 6 million brownie points for introducing me to this song/video.
  • The Rain’s Symmetry: lack of drumsticks and wet Germans. Why? Who the hell knows. Maybe ‘cause they’re The Rain?



Today’s song: Ariel by Dean Friedman