I’m gaga for Gaga

Which is substantially cooler than being cuckoo for Coco Puffs.

Or so I assume.

Anyone who knows me knows I’ve got a major crush on Lady Gaga. As much as I think becoming a super celebrity can destroy a person’s soul, I think that there’s still something genuine about her. And I dig her outfits. I also really, really like her music videos (edit: forgive the crappy quality of the pics; I took them using a screenshot program, haha).

Bad Romance
Aside from Just Dance, this was the second Gaga video I’d ever seen. I think I like it because of the different little segments as defined by her outfits.

She’s freaking gorgeous.

Favorite shot:

I initially didn’t like this song or the video, but I watched it about three or four more times and now it’s one of my favorite Gaga songs AND vids. I really like the costuming in this one, too.

And her nails, holy crap!

Favorite shot

And, like pretty much everything else Gaga writes, this makes you want to freaking dance.

Oh. My. Goodness. The dancers.

Anyone notice how freakishly beautiful her eyes are?

Favorite shot:

There. Just a little shot of Gaga love. I hope she comes to Toronto soon.

One response

  1. I love Gaga’s costumes and makeup. Alejandro is my favorite, her eyes in the beginning… AMAZING!


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