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So my new favorite thing now on YouTube is finding people who have transformed 90s and 00s songs into 80s songs.

Here are two fantastic ones:


That Lady Gaga one sounds so much better than the original (no offense, Gaga!).

I’m gaga for Gaga

Which is substantially cooler than being cuckoo for Coco Puffs.

Or so I assume.

Anyone who knows me knows I’ve got a major crush on Lady Gaga. As much as I think becoming a super celebrity can destroy a person’s soul, I think that there’s still something genuine about her. And I dig her outfits. I also really, really like her music videos (edit: forgive the crappy quality of the pics; I took them using a screenshot program, haha).

Bad Romance
Aside from Just Dance, this was the second Gaga video I’d ever seen. I think I like it because of the different little segments as defined by her outfits.

She’s freaking gorgeous.

Favorite shot:

I initially didn’t like this song or the video, but I watched it about three or four more times and now it’s one of my favorite Gaga songs AND vids. I really like the costuming in this one, too.

And her nails, holy crap!

Favorite shot

And, like pretty much everything else Gaga writes, this makes you want to freaking dance.

Oh. My. Goodness. The dancers.

Anyone notice how freakishly beautiful her eyes are?

Favorite shot:

There. Just a little shot of Gaga love. I hope she comes to Toronto soon.


I’m feeling a touch materialistic today, and therefore feel like listing stuff that I would like to buy but either can’t find/can’t afford/don’t think it’s worth buying at this point in time.


Game Boy Color

My old one was teal, but lime green wins the Olympics of cool colors.


I got to try these out at a HMV up here and they have AMAZING sound. Exponentially better than any other in-ear headphone I’ve ever tried.

KitchenAid Mixer

I love these things. I always have. And now that I’m actually cooking on a somewhat regular basis, I can justify getting one. An orange one, of course (seriously, look these up, they’re amazing).


Because duh.

Haha, sorry, I don’t have much to say today.

Today’s song: Float On by Modest Mouse

Bad Romance: The Cookie Version


Don’t laugh at me.

Last night I had a dream about Lady Gaga (not the first time this has happened) in which she gave me a recipe with which to express her song Bad Romance as a batch of cookies.

I’m not kidding.

Well, okay, she didn’t give me an explicit recipe. She just told me what to do (“make Bad Romance into a batch of cookies”) and gave me four distinct ingredients that had to be included: Oreos, cream cheese, blueberries, and Nutella.
So that’s what I attempted this afternoon. She didn’t give me any real direction in terms of the recipe in the dream, so I just kind of made things up as I went for a small seven cookies batch. What I finally ended up doing was making a cream cheese blueberry cookie base, sprinkling them with crumbled up Oreo (just the cookie part), and then topping them with the Oreo filling mixed with Nutella.

This is what they look like:

So what’s the taste verdict?

They don’t live up to the awesomeness of Bad Romance. I think they would have tasted better without the blueberries, but that may be because the cookies were small and the blueberries were overly intrusive (they have big blueberries in Canada).

They’re pretty, though.



Today’s song: First Train Home by Imogen Heap

I am enlightened, for I have dreamt of Lady Gaga

Seriously. Weirdest, most vivid dream I’ve had in awhile: I’m in this big theatre thing downtown with the intention of going to a Muse concert. However, the tickets are $300 or something, so I’m standing around debating whether or not to do it. I leave the main part of the theatre and go out into the front atrium, where there are a bunch of these video screens.

I stand in the corner watching one of the screens when all of a sudden Lady Gaga walks in with all these bodyguard guys. She books it over to me and hands me two key rings FULL of keys, saying, “these are keys to boats, houses, and cars. I’ll give you all of these if you give me the rights to your MySpace song.” Apparently, in the dream, I had written my MySpace song, and she wanted it badly. So I was all, “okay, cool!” Then she and I got in a limo and went to god knows where and she showed me some of her moves.

Then we went back to her place and I slept on her couch, amidst all of her panties. All I can remember from this part is that I was ridiculously happy, and I wanted to try on her shorts. Ga-ga, ooh-la-la, indeed.


Yeah. I know. What the hell is going on in my subconscious.




Today was “let’s defer our panic over finals with some sushi” day with the psych buddies. Everyone was going back to campus for some theatre thing afterwards, but I just wanted to go home, so I went the opposite way. I was standing at the bus stop waiting for #33 and some dude came and stood beside me. After about five minutes, I saw him look down at my pants and go: “Wow, those are lime green fleece pants!”

No kidding. I’m not colorblind.

Then: “You have more courage than I do to wear those!”

And what’s that supposed to mean, random stranger whom I’ve never before met?

It’s not courage. It’s style. MY style. If I were deliberately trying to make some sort of statement against the norm with my awesome pants, yeah, sure, I’m sure there would be some element of courage involved, but I’m not. Stop insinuating that not wearing the same style as everyone else implies I have courage. I don’t call the majority of Vancouverites cowards because they all wear the same goddamn jacket (seriously, there’s like one style of jacket up here).

I like lime green. I had the volition sometime a few years ago to make some lime green pants. And so I did. Big deal, end of story. Holy crap, you mean you wear it ‘cause you like it? Bingo, Sherlock.

I like color, thus I wear a lot of it. You probably like denim, ‘cause you were wearing way more of it than I thought was humanly possible. Was I about to say this to you? No, because you seemed quite comfortable in your style and I didn’t want to screw with your self-image by telling you that you looked like you fell out of a Levi’s shipment truck.

Can we leave each others’ fashions alone? As long as we’re not exposing obscene amounts of butt/boobs/privates, I don’t see what the problem is.


Today’s song: Launch from the soundtrack to Armageddon

Blah blah ah-ah-ahhh, blog-ah, blog-ah-ah! MySpace, ooh la-la! Want your bad blog post!

It’s the Lady GaGa blog! Apologies to her for the title, though, seriously.

Lady GaGa is coming to Vancouver on August 23 (that’s a Monday). Cheapest balcony tickets appear to be approximately $160-$170, but they’re going fast. So if anyone’s interested, I suggest we make decisions soon.

The other night I found out that there are many Lady GaGa songs available for download for ROCK BAND!
So here’s a sample to get a look at how it goes for guitar, bass, and vocals. I picked this one because the guy singing is freaking hilarious (and not too bad). The French part…oh god, the French part…


Today’s song: The Loco-Motion by Grand Funk Railroad (yeah, Matt, it had to happen)