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My mother had infinite patience with me when I was a kid

I swear to god, I don’t know how she put up with me. From the time I was a very small kid (Kindergarten) I was absolutely fascinated by this camcorder she had, and I always had her tape me doing the most mundane things. Examples:

  • I had a row of about 40 small rocks and made her tape me reading off their names, then giving them prizes for being rocks.
  • Me reading out of the Troy phonebook.
  • Me using a stencil to draw circles (FOR LIKE AN HOUR).
  • Me writing in my journal.
  • Me naming every freaking item in the house.
  • Me counting to 100. Twice. I’m not kidding.
  • And then she made the biggest mistake of her life and decided to let me have a shot at using the camera. I claimed it as mine and proceeded to make tons of ridiculous movies, including quite a long series involving a pair of gay grandpa sock puppets (no joke). I thought I was Steven Spielberg or something, I don’t know.
  • Also, 24 + 7 = 20, apparently. I’ve obviously stayed at this math level my whole life.

Hooray for growing up in hick town Troy. I really don’t know why I didn’t go into directing or something after seeing all this. 

I love you, mom!

Happy birthday!!
Also, can you make me good at math? ‘Cause I’ve got my Linear Algebra final in less than three hours.

A blog? Egads, why?!

Seriously. I’ve been having the strangest dreams lately, and all but the last one involved some sort of struggle and/or death. Let me illustrate:

Dream 1: in which my mom has a boyfriend and all he does is sleep
This dream involved some sort of strange scenario in which my mom was dating some guy who did nothing but sleep in this little cottage of his. I don’t remember much fro this dream (seeing as how it’s been awhile since this dream occurred) but I remember some sort of significant struggle in the rain. It was weird.

Dream 2: in which everyone I know comes into my dorm room and commits suicide
The strange thing was, I was completely calm about it. Over the course of a day I kept going in and out of my room in McConnell and found each time that one of my friends had been taken away by ambulance after attempting suicide. My mom, too. I just remember having these calm conversations regarding suicide with each person in this hallway with a lot of fountains before each person went about it. Strange.

Dream 3: in which I engage in a tremendous struggle with my alarm clock and bees
This was a few nights ago. I had this alarm clock and I couldn’t get the buzzer to turn off to save my life. I was hitting it with stuff, throwing it, stomping on it…I just couldn’t get it to turn off. Finally I dumped some water over it and it finally went off. Then, while my mom and I were standing there and these bees came up and started attacking us. I tried the water, but that didn’t subdue them. I woke up soon after that.

Dream 4: in which a hypothetical swimming pool is never found and my friends and I do weird things
Ah, now this one I can give you details on, had it last night. My mom and I are in the car, our destination being some big swimming pool/center that we had been wanting to go to for some time. We found the parking lot but it was full, so we drove down this dirt road to find a different parking lot that was not so much a parking lot but a gravel driveway under a plastic hood thing. We parked the car there and the woman running the tollbooth (for lack of a better word) told us that we could only park the car there for eight hours—any longer and there would be a $150 fine. I told my mom that we were just going swimming; we wouldn’t be parked there for more than two hours so we didn’t have to worry.
So somehow, after this, the dream transitions and I’m no longer with my mom but sitting in this kind of carnival place with Matt and a couple other people I don’t know. From what I recall, Matt was slightly pissed at everyone there because they were giving him crap about something. Then it shifted again and I was up in this huge block thing in the sky, like a giant form of one of those light bulb signs they have underneath the Best Western sign. It was this huge thing, and there were a bunch of people (including me) in it and we were apparently acting as the bulbs. I remember thinking that this was a major test of skill, and if you were to mess up you would be kicked out of the block and fall to the ground below.
Then it shifted again. I was out of the cube, and it was dark outside. Now I was in this car with Sean and a bunch of his friends. For some reason, Sean had his shirt off the whole time (ooh, racy!) and we were all at the Taco Bell drive-thru just kind of sitting in the car not doing anything. It was strange because I didn’t know any of his friends, but it was fun, too.
So then finally, I end up back at the “parking lot” with my mom. It’s lighter out than it was when I was with Sean, but when I look at my watch it says 9:30, which meant that we were an hour and a half past our eight-hour limit of staying there for free. My mom was all upset about the fine, so I said without really meaning it that I would pay it. She said, “that would be nice.” I wasn’t expecting that reply.


Hmm. When I was thinking about typing this list, the prominent themes running through all of them were both water and struggle. Now I realize that each dream involved my mom. Freud would have something to say, indeed. Though I do think the water’s a prominent thing, though. It’s said that water in dreams represents strong emotions. The fact that locating said water in these dreams had become increasingly difficult must say something. Hidden or repressed emotions, perhaps?


Who knows. I should stop analyzing my own dreams.