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When Did You Arrive?

Here is an interesting article about days and times of birth in the United States. It’s interesting, as the article notes, how procedures like C-sections have skewed the distribution of times/days of births where, prior to these procedures becoming commonly used, babies were born pretty uniformly around the clock and through the week.

What day of the week and time of the day were you born? I was a Tuesday baby born (I think) at like 6:52 AM (like an hour before the C-section rush). I was not a C-section but I damn sure didn’t want to come out of there.



What about your birth month? I was a February.


Pretty cool!


Facebook Stalking for DATA!

Here’s more “Claudia is bored” random thingies.

I have 111 friends on Facebook. I wanted to see the distribution of birthdays across the months (and the zodiac signs, because why not?). So I Facebook stalked everyone and found that 97 of my 111 friends had their birthdays listed (at least month and day). Here’s the distribution by month:


I knew I had a lot of February, May, and November, but I didn’t know I had so many April and July. Haha, look at August and September. Very interesting, especially in comparison to this.

And here’s some zodiac just ‘cause:


More birthday stuff

I can’t stay away from that website with the mathematician birthday/deathday data.

So I decided to look at the data a little differently this time. Each square represents either a death or a birth on the day of the year. The data are broken up by month by a small white space.


Note the “most eventful” and “least eventful” days. And look at October and all its within-group variance.

I think I’m going to do some stats on this data. Because that’s what I do. But I can’t do it for like another week, since next week involves LOTS of studying/homework/panic attacks.


More birthday fun!

This is fantastic info right here.

I don’t know why, but birthdays and the distribution of birthdays is really fascinating to me. I’m going to have to analyze this somehow.

And the birth and death statistics page is awesome, too. Interesting, interesting stuff.

Edit: compiled ‘em!


It’s kind of cool that I found this today, as today was the birthday of Rene Descartes! Happy birthday, Rene!

Edit 2: Not only did we lose l’Hopital on my birthday, but we lost Bertrand Russell as well? Man, throw in the birth of Ayn Rand* and February 2nd has not been kind to the world.

*James Joyce’s birth almost makes up for this.

Calculus: taking it to the limit (yeah, the jokes won’t stop until the class is over)

Two things:

1) Happy birthday, mom!
2) Congrats to all who are graduating today, though I’m pretty sure no one who’s graduating this semester reads my blogs.

Haha, sorry, not much more to say today. Cleaned the apartment and did calculus practice problems for five hours.

Oh, and this. I miss this show.


Today’s song: Flippers by Art vs. Science


These blog titles need more sexual euphemisms

Yay! Happy birthday, Matt!

Your party = awesome. :)

You = awesome, too.

That is all.


Holy crap…I know a lot of Leos. Here are all the people I know with a birthday today:

Linda (my art teacher)
Mindy (my dog)

Plus, today is also my half-birthday…happy half to me!

‘Kay, that’s all.