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Really, 2021?

So as if all the medical stuff with Jazzy wasn’t hellish enough for 2021, Peter called me this morning and said my dad was in the hospital with a very severe staph infection (like, “the CDC was called in to see if they could identify the strain” level of severe).

He had both hips replaced last year and was doing really well with them, but one of them apparently got mega-infected and he’s back in the hospital. They had to operate on him again to remove the infected components of the hip. Luckily they didn’t have to remove the whole hip joint again, but this is really going to set back his progress.

He was pretty groggy when I talked to him after the surgery but I can tell he’s really discouraged.

Screw 2020 and screw 2021, too.


My dad’s here for a few days, which is going to be stressful.

We get along fine, but we don’t get along the way my mom and I get along. It’s a lot more forced and a lot more awkward.

I also haven’t seen him since 2016 (!!!), so I wouldn’t put it past him to make some sort of snide comment about the way I look or dress or act now.

Or maybe I’m worried over nothing.

Blah. I have no patience or tolerance for humans right now due to BURNOUT, so this might be an interesting visit.

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Party time!

YAY, my thesis has been submitted and approved for publication. It shall now be available to the public within 4 or 5 days (edit: here it is!)


In other news:
– My family is extremely strange.
– My internet addiction is not as bad as I thought it was.
– My father, on the other hand, is severely addicted to Facebook. It doesn’t help that he’s also Captain Hunt n’ Peck when it comes to typing and therefore takes an hour and a half to write a single wall post.
– Eggplant hummus from Trader Joe’s is phenomenal.
– Broccoli may be the best food ever.
– Eggplant hummus from Trader Joe’s + broccoli = OMG TASTE BUDS ASPLODE
– I suck at swimming.
– I finally found The Adventures of Augie March by Saul Bellow, a book that has been perpetually checked out at every library I’ve ever been to.
– I will perhaps make a video log of the cruise, I’m not sure yet.
– It is SO SUNNY HERE. My body doesn’t know what to do with all this vitamin D.
– The end!


WOO, off to California for the first stretch of my journey up and down the west coast of the United States! My dad and I got bumped to 1st class, which was awesome. I’ve never flown first class before, and there was enough leg room or me to stretch my legs out all the way and barely reach the seat in front of me. Seriously (though I admit I’m pretty freaking short).

Also, my grandma (who is 84 now) hasn’t changed in appearance in like the past 30 years. If I age like my father’s side at all, I’m going to look exactly the same throughout the latter half of my life.

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My Beats are here, my Beats are here!

Today my father arrived in Vancouver. He’s staying here a few days to participate in the Sparta Run held tomorrow. I may or may not participate as well.

In his suitcase he brought my new pair of Beats by Dr. Dre. I got the white, ‘cause they look awesome.

And now we do a review. Please note: I was fully prepared to endorse the hell out of these before I even got them in the mail. This is because, as I’ve mentioned, I actually got to try them out on several occasions.
But now they’re here!

First impressions: they’re as comfortable as the test set at Best Buy was. And they’re pretty!

Inaugural song: Sleepyhead. Because, I mean, come on.
Response: Oh yes. Oh yes. The chorus part sounds absolutely fantastic. Very crisp, very bassy. YAY, this is why I bought these headphones.

Second song: Jupiter (the new recording)
Response: I chose Jupiter to check out the Beats’ abilities in a genre that they weren’t necessarily designed for. And you know what’s weird? The headphones really brought out the clarinets. It’s kind of freaky, but it’s true. They also, again, enhanced the bass, ‘cause that’s pretty much what they were designed to do.

Third song: Hey There Mr.
Response: so apparently there’s this super cool bass line during the chorus of this song that I honestly never heard before using these headphones. I was hoping the vocals would be brought out a bit more, but I’ll totally take this bass line.

Conclusion: yeah, these rock. I know I’m no audiophile and I know jack about sound quality in general, but to my untrained ear, these headphones rock. They’re also noise-cancelling. So if you’ve got $300 and are in the market for some new headphones, dig these.

My parents rule.

Here is something that I think needs to be publically stated, because it’s so very true:

I have awesome parents. Why, you ask? Because:

My father is a very strange dude who just so happens to be very strange in a lot of the ways I am very strange. We have the same sense of humor about a lot of things and we’re both ridiculously anal about time. We’d both prefer arriving at a preset location a half an hour before we’re supposed to get there as opposed to even three minutes late. He pretty much just lets me do what I want, and by this I don’t mean to say he’s awesome because he lets me get away with stuff, he’s awesome because he trusts me. If I say “dad, a bunch of my weirdo friends are coming over and we want to have a party in the basement,” he’ll say “I’ll order pizza for you guys if you let me know what you want, then I’ll leave you alone.” True story. It might be parenting laziness, but I like to think a large part of it is that he trusts me not to burn the house down/get pregnant/be a general pain in the ass when I’m allowed to do what I want. And that’s rockin’.

My mom is awesome because she and I are best friends. She gets me like no one else does. She’s very open with me and I feel like I can talk to her about just about anything which, if you know me, is a pretty big thing for me to say. I know I’m not the perfect daughter in the world (FAR FROM IT), but I know I couldn’t ask for a better mother.
Haha, it feels weird to be unable to say more about my mom regarding how awesome she is. You’ve all met her; you know she’s badass. I guess it’s hard to quantify how great she is because I’ve lived with it for 22 years…it’s just kind of there.

Love you mom!
Love you dad!
You both rule.



Today’s song: Something Else by Diamond Rings

The Gout Saga (or, “My Family’s Final Outing before We All Disperse”)

Hahahaha, so my dad has gout in his foot.

In what was quite possibly our last family outing for a long, long time, my mom and I took him to Quick Care yesterday afternoon because he could hardly walk, and it turns out he either has really bad gout, a fracture in his foot, or both. Now he has to wear a little boot and take gout drugs.

So of course as soon as we get home my cat takes a flying leap off the couch and lands on his foot.

Fun times.
Today’s song: Chelsea by The Summer Set

Oh dear god, no!

I go on Facebook tonight.
I am bored.
I think, “I’ll search my last name so see if there are any other people with my last name” (obviously there are, hehe).
I notice that there are 29 groups, so I click on the little “group” tab.
What’s the first group?


“Bob Mahler Professor/Pimp”


I fell off my chair and had a heart attack. This cannot be real. But it was, and it is, and it’s scary, cause there are 12 members and 7 of them are frat boys.

I’m going to go change my last name now…


Oh, a new one?


My dad got a new rating on MySpace:







  environmental s 



yeah mahler is pretty much amazing… show up and be nice and you will do awesome…


Just thought I’d put that out there.

My dad is a good professor!

At least according to two people on Myspace. I was checking out that Professor Rating thingy to see if my dad was there, and he was!


 Class Date Grade Comments
  envi sci 101 07/31/2006    A+ mahler is a baller. Period
  Environmental S 12/19/2005    A+ Great class! I learned a lot. There are no tests in this class, just four medium-sized projects spaced throughout the semester.

I love that. “Mahler is a baller”. Great fun!

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