My parents rule.

Here is something that I think needs to be publically stated, because it’s so very true:

I have awesome parents. Why, you ask? Because:

My father is a very strange dude who just so happens to be very strange in a lot of the ways I am very strange. We have the same sense of humor about a lot of things and we’re both ridiculously anal about time. We’d both prefer arriving at a preset location a half an hour before we’re supposed to get there as opposed to even three minutes late. He pretty much just lets me do what I want, and by this I don’t mean to say he’s awesome because he lets me get away with stuff, he’s awesome because he trusts me. If I say “dad, a bunch of my weirdo friends are coming over and we want to have a party in the basement,” he’ll say “I’ll order pizza for you guys if you let me know what you want, then I’ll leave you alone.” True story. It might be parenting laziness, but I like to think a large part of it is that he trusts me not to burn the house down/get pregnant/be a general pain in the ass when I’m allowed to do what I want. And that’s rockin’.

My mom is awesome because she and I are best friends. She gets me like no one else does. She’s very open with me and I feel like I can talk to her about just about anything which, if you know me, is a pretty big thing for me to say. I know I’m not the perfect daughter in the world (FAR FROM IT), but I know I couldn’t ask for a better mother.
Haha, it feels weird to be unable to say more about my mom regarding how awesome she is. You’ve all met her; you know she’s badass. I guess it’s hard to quantify how great she is because I’ve lived with it for 22 years…it’s just kind of there.

Love you mom!
Love you dad!
You both rule.



Today’s song: Something Else by Diamond Rings

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  1. Thanks Bone! I’ll always have your back. Love, Mom.


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