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I’ve been watching a lot of clips of Whose Line Is It Anyway on YouTube lately. Here’s a set of three videos highlighting the times when the crew (mostly Drew) end up laughing uncontrollably (mostly because of Colin).

Wayne completely losing it in the background of some of these is great.

Mochrie is God

Was sad. Then Whose Line helped a little.

One of these days, the title of my blog is going to be relevant to the actual blog content. That day is not today.

I’m feeling incredibly nervous today, so have some Whose Line is it Anyway?

These guys always cheer me up. Hopefully they will brighten your day, too!

Calculus: taking it to the limit (yeah, the jokes won’t stop until the class is over)

Two things:

1) Happy birthday, mom!
2) Congrats to all who are graduating today, though I’m pretty sure no one who’s graduating this semester reads my blogs.

Haha, sorry, not much more to say today. Cleaned the apartment and did calculus practice problems for five hours.

Oh, and this. I miss this show.


Today’s song: Flippers by Art vs. Science


More Whose Line is it Anyway because it’s important

This whole thing is freaking great. Colin + Ryan = awesome hilarity.

This had me laughing. So hard.

Colin Mochrie is so freaking hilarious. I love how Ryan just loses it completely a few times.

Ah, YouTube

Who likes “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

“I do, I do!”

Here are some great moments, in my opinion. Give me a break, I’ve been bored all week!


Colin moments:







Ryan moments:




Enjoy, Whose Line lovers!

Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la…NITROGEN!

Today I shall present to you a numbered list of little items that have made me laugh, because I needed a good laugh today. Commence enjoyment!

1. Suicide video gone wrong. It gets better as it goes along.
2. I have no idea why this is funny to me, but it is.
3. The Beetis!
4. You’ve gotta love “Whose Line is it Anyway?


Yeah. You guys may not find any of them funny, but I did, so I stuck ’em up here. Have fun!