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Me: You know what would be a fun addition to daily 15-mile walks?
Toes: Don’t say it.
Me: Replacing some of the miles with 13-mile runs!

Yeah, they’re angry. I don’t blame them.

Haha, I love how every summer there are at least five blogs dedicated to how much I’ve brutalized my feet.

“Gluten for Punishment” would be a great name for a bread store

It’s the end of February and I’ve walked a total of 825 miles this year.

Last year, it took me until April 11th to walk 825 miles.

So that’s pretty cool.

My toes are in shambles, though, and I could probably sand a deck with my rough heels, but THE PRICES WE PAY, RIGHT?

(If I could get to 5,000 miles this year, that would be awesome.)