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Dude, how cool would that be if the Olympics came back to Calgary? And 2026 is a good year: it’ll be my 20th blogging anniversary year!

Seriously, though. The city already has most of the equipment and facilities for the winter Olympics; they’d likely need some updating/renovation, of course, but still. It’d be pretty cool if the city agreed to bid and we actually won.



So 2016 is just all about the milestones. Today, for example, marks exactly 10 years since I graduated high school. I’m not going to do a “here’s all the stuff that’s happened in the past decade” ‘cause I already did that for my decade blog anniversary (see this post), but it’s still a big deal in my opinion.

Ten years is a long time. A lot has changed, and most of it in ways I would have never expected. I certainly could have never predicted that at 28 I’d be living in Calgary, working on my second graduate degree, and engaged to be married.

I also wonder, every once and awhile, how all of these dorks are doing. I never talk to anyone from high school anymore.

Is your life something you would have never expected 10 years ago?

QUAKE (not the game)




Holy hell, so today started out with something rather alarming. Nate woke up this morning and said he smelled smoke, so he was double-checking that it wasn’t coming from our condo or our building. I was kind of standing around uselessly ‘cause we all know I can’t really help in those type of situations.

But then we looked out the window and saw that the mall kitty corner to us had a big plume of smoke coming out of it. It didn’t look like too big a fire, but our first concern was that the cats that inhabit The Cat House, a cat-centric store with all sorts of scratching posts, toys, beds, and food, were safe.

Anyway, Nate goes off to work and I head to school about an hour later (I’m not a morning person, haha). By the time I leave the building, the air is full of smoke outside. I have to pass that mall to get to school, and I can see that the fire has gotten quite a bit bigger and they’ve got three fire trucks there trying to contain the blaze. They’re actually in the process of closing the street to traffic as I walk by.

I get to campus and check the news right away; luckily, I read that the cats from The Cat House were rescued and are doing fine. The fire, though, burns most of the day and produces a lot of smoke. The university even sent an email giving campus an air quality warning since the wind was blowing all the smoke right over top of U of C.

Anyway, the fire was finally contained and extinguished, but not before about a third of the mall was burned to the ground (including The Cat House—sad!). Apparently the fire started in one of the businesses and just spread like crazy because the building was so old.

So yeah.

Update: The Cat House is fundraising to get a new location.

Update update: It sounds like they’ve found a place and are negotiating a lease right now. Hopefully they’ll be up and running soon; they had a lot of toys Jazzy would like!


Things to do in Calgary:

  • See the Calgary Tower
  • Watch a Flames game
  • Go to Cross Iron Mills Mall
  • Seek shelter from tornadoes


Apparently parts of the city were under tornado warnings this afternoon. Check out some of these pictures.






Menacing, huh? Aaaaaaaaaaaand then it was gone.


Oh, Canada.

(Sources for pics: 1, 2, 3, and 4)


Da Beatz


From Wiki: “Tomorrowland is the largest annual electronic music festival held in the world, taking place in Belgium. It used to be organized as a joint venture by the original founders together with ID&T. The festival takes place in the town of Boom, 16 kilometers south of Antwerp, 32 kilometers north of Brussels, and has been organized since 2005.”


This looks simultaneously super fun and super draining. Like, if I ever went to this I’d have my “social time” quota filled for like the next five years.

I wanna go.

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The Frank Slide

I forgot to blog about this because I was so freaking pissed off about the last few days, but I’ll blog about it now: when we were driving up here, we drove through the aftermath of a disaster called the Frank Slide.

Back in 1903, when Alberta was still part of the Northwest Territories, there was a little mining town called Frank. It sat next to Turtle Mountain where—as you might guess—a lot of mining occurred.

On the morning of April 29 1903, a huge section of the mountain slid down onto Frank, burying its east side under 90 million tons of limestone within 100 seconds. A whole bunch of townspeople and non-town miners were killed.

And when I say we drove through the aftermath of the slide, we literally drove right through it on the highway. Piccy from the Frank Slide Wiki page:


In addition to the mining, the mountain’s anticline formation was unstable to begin with. Also, for several weeks before the incident, there had been very warm days and vary cold nights, causing water in the cracks of the mountain to freeze, melt, freeze, melt, repeat. ALSO, there were tremors near the base of the mountain that miners had felt for a few days.

So yeah. Cool but freaky.


Wow, so I’ve never known all that much about the Chernobyl disaster that happened 28 years ago today, but I saw a mention of it on CNN this morning so I decided to look it up.

I found this really interesting documentary about it:

I probably know a lot less about the disaster than most people, but I think this documentary would be interesting to check out regardless of how familiar you are with this bit of history.

12 Years

Nothing to say, just this:


Go-Go-Gadget Democracy!

Did you vote, fellow U.S. fools?! Better do it.

In the spirit of reminiscing about elections past, I bring you this:

Also, here’s some good ol’ Capitol Steps. Because Capitol Steps is awesome.

Today is February 2nd

Birthday #24.

Also: it’s the 33rd day of the year. There are also 333 days left in the year.

Famous individuals born on February 2nd:
– James Joyce
– Ayn Rand
– Farrah Fawcett
– Shakira

Famous individuals who died on February 2nd:
– Dmitri Mendeleev
– Bertrand Russell
– Sid Vicious

Events that occurred/are still occurring on February 2nd:
– Groundhog Day (duh)
– Inventor’s Day
– World Wetlands Day
– the first polygraph machine was tested (1935)
– the Groundhog Day gale hit eastern North America (1976)
– the first sled in the “Great Race of Mercy” reaches Nome, AK with the diphtheria antitoxin in tow (1925).

Exciting times.


Now that I have your attention: POLITICS! Same thing, right?

This afternoon I discovered, on which there is a little quiz thingy you can use to determine which Republican candidate aligns best with your values. I decided to give it a shot.

Some of the questions were easy for me to answer; for example:

While others I was quite unsure of:

But regardless, it looks like I’m a Gingrich girl.


Huntsman was a close second at 64.6%, Romney was third at 55.8%. Santorum was last. Looks like most people get Huntsman.

Who’s your best match?

10 Years

It happened before Facebook. It happened before YouTube. It happened before the iPhone. It happened before Wi-Fi became widespread.

But the news of the first plane hitting the World Trade Center spread across the country probably faster than any of us could have imagined.

I remember waking up that morning to go to school. My mom already had the news on. It was shortly after the first tower had been hit, and as such there was still a great amount of confusion amongst the news reporters about what exactly had happened. Yes, the tower had been hit by a plane, but there was still speculation regarding whether it was an accident.
I personally remember thinking that’s all it was as I packed up my stuff to walk to school (8th grade). I think my most distinct memory of the day was when I first got on campus a little bit later. Students were rushing into the building, parents exiting the parking lot quickly. I saw my friend Amy, also in a hurry, pass me on her bike.
“What’s going on?” I asked.
“The second tower just got hit,” she said. “Big news. Everyone’s talking about it.”
I really don’t remember much else from that day. School didn’t happen, that’s for sure; every TV in every classroom was on, every pair of eyes in every grade watching silently as the events unfolded.

School didn’t happen for the rest of the week, either.

I think if I had been a few years older I would have remembered more. I actually remember September 11, 2002 more vividly because of how afraid everyone was about a similar even occurring on the one-year anniversary.
I guess there’s really not much I can say that hasn’t been said by anyone else today. I hope all those killed (yes, ALL those killed), both on that day and from events resulting from that day, rest in peace.

That is all.

Valentine’s Day Solar Flare Massacre


(Edit: The article posted in here was published tomorrow; I just included it because apparently a lot of people are a day behind on this)
 Yesterday the sun decided to wish the universe a belated “happy Valentine’s Day!” by throwing out one of the largest solar flares since 2006 (the year I graduated high school!).

I think our awesome star is starting to rev up for its solar symphony that’s coming up in the next two years. Better make good use of that Blackberry/iPhone/3G network while it’s still in operation; even this single flare is expected to cause minor issues over the next few days.

Recur, recur, recur!


I am 23 today.

That is all.

Haha, oh yeah, I forgot what today was…

Hahaha, oh my god.

So I didn’t die in the snow this morning (it took an hour and a half to get to campus due to three separate bus breakdowns)! And I now present you with an alphabetical list of things I am thankful for, because alphabetical lists rock and I’m putting off going back outside to get home.

Annabelle. I love my cat!
Broccoli. Broccoli is perhaps the greatest food ever.
Creativity. I don’t think I’m all that creative, but it’s fun to pretend and gives me an excuse to draw.
Dad. I miss him up here more than I thought I would.
Existentialism. Sometimes the only outlook on life that works.
Fantasies. Crawling into the alternate worlds that exist in my head keeps me (relatively) sane.
Good music. This has been an excellent year for music made for zoning out.
Hope. Without it, why bother?
Immune system. I have the immune system of a God. For that I am highly thankful, especially in such a big city when I’m exposed to dozens of people a day in enclosed areas (buses).
Joking. Laugh or die.
Kitchen. My new mode of creative expression, apparently, is cooking. Which is funny, ‘cause I can’t taste half the crap I make.
Leibniz. Oh, you know it.
Mom. YAY!
NaNoWriMo. A chance to write without abandon.
Obsessions. Statisics! Philosophy of science! Getting irrationally excited about little things that make my soul tingle! WOO!
Philosophy. I honestly don’t know how I had gotten through life without this before, when I thought it was all dumb.
Quirky life events. Creepy coincidences: keeping life interesting since 1988.
Readers. To those of you (two of you, maybe?) who read this regularly and to the random people who stop by—I appreciate your reading my ramblings!
School. As conflicted as I am right now regarding it, it’s still school, and I’m still me.
Transportation. Thank the transportation gods for the Vancouver bus system (and the UPass. Thank you thank you thank you, UPass).
Unusual friends. I’m talking to you, Moscow people. Like, all of you.
Vaio. Trusted friend and companion since 2006 (Vaio I and Vaio II have the same soul).
Web access. I love the internet. I want to study the internet. Trend analysis + memes = ideal way to have fun.
Xeno-experiences. As in foreign experiences. Vancouver is SO not Moscow in a lot of ways, which is nice. And I like sushi now.
Yesterday. The past, even the sucktastic parts, is very, very important to me, and I’m thankful for almost every experience I’ve had.
Zealousness. It’s important to me to have unabashed passion for at least one thing in life. The fact that I’m still zealous about stats/philosophy/Leibniz gives me hope.

Happy Thanksgiving, US friends!



Today’s song: Perfect Girl by the Ultrasonics

The world comes to its senses

Today is apparently the first ever World Statistics Day, which is probably one of the greatest days ever implemented (now we just need to petition for an International Leibniz Day).

Appropriately, a group of us spent nearly five hours on the homework assignment for multivariate.

It’s about time something like this happened. I’m not a fan of the way statistics has been vilified when there are a lot of people who aren’t bending the numbers inappropriately.




Today’s song: Murder on the Dancefloor Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Oh! Canada!

Holy crap, the Canadian dollar was worth more than the US dollar early this morning. Creepy.

And this, because I have nothing else to say for today:

Starts out slow, gets pretty interesting (and colorful) a minute or so in.


Today’s song: Technicolor by Tim Myers

Olympics underway!

YAY Olympics! I love the Olympics, I always have. I think it’s pretty damn awesome that I got to saw the flame/insane crowds/other Olympic-related insanity.


And we can always rely on the good contributors to Wiki to keep this as up-to-date as the news.

I also like to look at the flags. I like flags.

That is all.


Today’s song: Puppy Love by Scandy