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Redwoods do well with fires, but these fires are incredibly intense and hot, which damages the trees. How many other redwoods will be affected by these fires that are so obviously exacerbated by climate change?

Consider helping via donation. I don’t know how many of you have seen the California redwoods in person, but they are incredible beyond words (even the “smaller” ones).

Help them. Help the parks.

Fear of Fire


Fire is probably my biggest fear. I guess I should be more specific: the thought of the house catching on fire and threatening the people/animals/things I love is probably my biggest fear.

The worst outcome would be if a fire broke out and no one was home. Who would save Jazzy? That’s a terrifying thought: her being trapped in a flaming condo that is up on the third floor. I’ve read that cats are actually pretty good at escaping house fires, but unless the balcony door and/or the windows blew out, she’d be trapped in there. And the fall/jump is a long one. That’s hard to even think about.

If I was home, a fire would still (of course) be terrifying, but I feel like I’d at least have some sort of control. I keep my “essentials” next to me when I sleep; at minimum, this is my hard drive that has all my important documents/pictures/music/etc. on it. That would be easily saved, as I could shove it down my bra or something if I needed both hands free to get out with Nate and Jazzy.

If a fire was threatening from a distance (like in the CNN article), I’m not sure what we would end up taking with us when we fled. Jazzy, of course, and Jazzy provisions. Human provisions. I would take my laptop and a few of my books that I deem irreplaceable. Maybe some of my special trinkets from my trinket shelf?

I don’t consider myself a materialistic person, but I do feel like what we consider “inanimate objects” to still hold a degree of “consciousness,” even if that consciousness is a lot more loosely defined than the way we define it in humans and other living things (this view is very similar to panpsychism). I don’t like the idea of my things burning up in a fire mainly because I feel like they would “know” that they were left behind to be destroyed, if that makes any sense. I know that probably sounds crazy, but that’s how I feel about material things.

Anyway. The fear of fire is on my mind more than is probably healthy, but I always consider it any time I leave the house. It’s why I have three copies of all my important computer stuff and why I try to keep at least one of those copies in a different place than the others (or with me in my backpack) in case something disastrous happens.


Holy hell, so today started out with something rather alarming. Nate woke up this morning and said he smelled smoke, so he was double-checking that it wasn’t coming from our condo or our building. I was kind of standing around uselessly ‘cause we all know I can’t really help in those type of situations.

But then we looked out the window and saw that the mall kitty corner to us had a big plume of smoke coming out of it. It didn’t look like too big a fire, but our first concern was that the cats that inhabit The Cat House, a cat-centric store with all sorts of scratching posts, toys, beds, and food, were safe.

Anyway, Nate goes off to work and I head to school about an hour later (I’m not a morning person, haha). By the time I leave the building, the air is full of smoke outside. I have to pass that mall to get to school, and I can see that the fire has gotten quite a bit bigger and they’ve got three fire trucks there trying to contain the blaze. They’re actually in the process of closing the street to traffic as I walk by.

I get to campus and check the news right away; luckily, I read that the cats from The Cat House were rescued and are doing fine. The fire, though, burns most of the day and produces a lot of smoke. The university even sent an email giving campus an air quality warning since the wind was blowing all the smoke right over top of U of C.

Anyway, the fire was finally contained and extinguished, but not before about a third of the mall was burned to the ground (including The Cat House—sad!). Apparently the fire started in one of the businesses and just spread like crazy because the building was so old.

So yeah.

Update: The Cat House is fundraising to get a new location.

Update update: It sounds like they’ve found a place and are negotiating a lease right now. Hopefully they’ll be up and running soon; they had a lot of toys Jazzy would like!

Last night I dreamt about fire

I never dream about fire.

It was a lot of fire, too; like half of the University of Idaho buildings were ablaze and about to come crashing down. I was in one of them, but I was totally calm. It was like I knew I was either going to be rescued or be killed, and I didn’t really care which.

(I got rescued.)

It kind of weirds me out. Seriously, I never, ever dream about fire. If I’m going to dream about an element, it’s going to be water. Though come to think of it, I haven’t had a water-related dream in quite some time, so who knows what that’s about. I’ve always heard that water in dreams is supposed to signify strong emotions—which makes a bit of sense for me, as I can remember a lot of my really intensely water-centric dreams happening during very bad emotional times—but I’ve had a lot of really strong good emotions lately and no water dreams. Maybe I get the water dreams just during the bad emotional times, not the good ones.

Ugh. Weird.