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New Header!

New header, fools!

I liked the old one, but I just needed a change. Sometimes that happens.

Not sure if I like this one very much now that I’ve got it up, though. Might change it around in a bit.


Hello fine readers! I have a question pertaining to—what else?—my blog!

So since I started my blog back in 2006, it’s been known as “Le Seul Mot Juste” with the subheader “take THAT, Gustave Flaubert!”
However, I’ve grown quite attached to “Eigenblogger,” especially since if I go premium with my WordPress account I’ll be found at http://www.eigenblogger.com, which is more memorable and easier to type out than http://www.leseulmotjuste.com or even http://www.takethatgustave.com. Though that last one would be pretty great.
I’ve also kind of adopted the phrase “live fast, die young, love data” as a motto, so that’d be a good subheader, eh?


Here are three new header designs with the new blog title/subheader. This also gives me the opportunity to try out my first poll! WOOHOO! Designs first, poll at the end.

Header A

Header B

Header C

I want cheese.

Blogging: The Last True Frontier

Another new header! I actually kind of like this one.

Plus a header I made for my upcoming stats/phil blog (the more “professional” blog, if that word can even be remotely applied to me):

It’s simple, but simple is good sometimes.

Sorry these are short; I don’t have internet and have instead a crazy family to deal with. I also won’t have internet for another week or so, ‘cause ALASKA!