The Periodic Table of Academic Disciplines

Alternate title: Claudia’s Bored

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(Source for list of disciplines/categories)

YES I KNOW it’s not exactly like the actual periodic table groupings, but I gave it my best shot. I tried to keep the general “this is how things are organized” patterns, but some of the disciplines just didn’t fit in anywhere else (anatomy, I’m looking at you). I didn’t keep the P-, S-, D-, F-blocks ‘cause they didn’t work out in terms of layout, but I kind of made my own blocks instead (take THAT, Mendeleev!). The groups, however, are still sorta there.

Group 1: Formal sciences, applied
Group 2: Formal sciences, more theory-based
Group 3: Physics
Group 4: Physics-related stuff
Group 5: More specific physics
Group 6: Physics and space-related stuff
Group 7: Chemistry and biology
Group 8: More specific biology
Group 9: Specific types of organism-based biology
Group 10: Earth-related stuff
Group 11: Climate-related stuff
Group 12: More earth (ground)-related stuff
Group 13: Applied sciences that don’t fit anywhere else
Group 14: Arts (and marketing and accounting)
Group 15: More arts
Group 16: More arts
Group 17: Written arts
Group 18: Humanities

As for the colors, they’re more related to the blocks I guess. And the periods generally go from most fundamental/basic/theoretical (at the top) to the more applied (near the bottom of the columns).


I love Red Bull.


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