Yo, party poopers!

So since it’s the end of August, I’m declaring “summer” officially over. Back in June I made a list of the crap I wanted to accomplish over the summer, so let’s recap and see just how big of a failure I was:

  • “Walk until my toes fall off.” Haha. Ha. Pretty close, let me tell ya…
  • “Clean the condo. My responsibilities are the bathroom and kitchen, which get the most visibly gross the fastest.” I actually did this! Maybe once, though. Now that my leg is a wounded animal, I’m afraid to bend it too much. Bending is a pretty big requirement for cleaning the bathroom, ‘cause I get all down and dirty and scrub every inch of the bathtub. I get it filthy with my gross walking feet; it’s only right that I clean it.
  • “Consolidate my pasta.” DID IT! Now there’s only like 13 boxes in the cabinet instead of 20+.
  • “Clean the little storage room in the back. There’s a lot of boxes back there. And cat litter dust. Time to sweep where no man has swept before!” DONE! LOTS of cat litter dust.
  • “Clean my side of the closet. There’s a lot of boxes in there. Mostly shoe boxes full of dead Kinvaras.” DONE! I kept the Kinvaras, though. Stuck ‘em in a giant bag. I’m not a hoarder, no siree.
  • “Draw more.” HA.
  • “Organize my bookmarks.” DONE!
  • “Read this amazing biography of this amazing human being yet again, because it’s getting to be that time of the year.” Didn’t do this one ‘cause Nate was busy reading it.
  • “Rewrite my old calculus notes into one giant notebook combining calc I, calc II, and calc III.” Nope.
  • “Do my 50-mile walk. It’s time.” DONE! This is the one I’m most proud of.
  • “Organize the crap on my computer.” Mostly done, yes.
  • “POST THESE BLOGS OMFG” I did the first round! They’re posted through the beginning of July, which is a pretty big deal considering how many that needed posting back in June.

Not too bad!

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