My milkshake brought all the boys to the yard. Now what?

I have nothing interesting to blog about today (but what else is new)? Therefore, you get random Claudia thoughts.

  • Where do paranoid people go to recover after a severe illness? Somehow a place called the “ICU” doesn’t seem appropriate…
  • I had an almost irresistible urge to play with a Lite Brite this morning. Are those even sold anymore? Do the toy regulators think the little pegs are a too-risky choking hazard to even be on the market?
  • Speaking of super risky toys, that reminds me of Creepy Crawlers! Back when my grandma and grandpa lived in St. Louis and my mom and I went to visit, we played with this so much. Basically, the toy consisted of a bunch of different metal molds of bugs, a hot-plate type thingy, tongs, and Plasti-Goop. You’d squeeze the different colors of Goop into the molds, put the molds on the hot plate (or in the hot plate oven…I actually can’t remember), wait for the Goop to form in the mold, then dunk the burning hot molds in water before pulling out your now perfectly formed plastic bugs out with the tongs. Between the red hot molds, the hot plate, the undoubtedly toxic Goop, and the fact that said Goop probably looked like appetizing little snacks to many children, this was like eighty safety hazards at once. But that’s what makes it awesome. Anyway.
  • Where the hell has the first seven months of the year gone?
  • We use “iff” for “if and only if,” right? Well, why don’t we carry that over for writing the inclusive versus exclusive “or”? Why not use “or” when stating that you can have either option or BOTH options (e.g., “I can listen to music or I can paint my room”—there is no indication that I can’t do both) and then use “orr” when referring to the exclusive or (e.g., “You can get the soup or salad at a restaurant”—usually, they won’t let you have both). It looks a lot better than XOR/EOR/EXOR, etc. Just a thought.
  • Tumblr has taken over my soul.
  • I’ve watched so much Rage Quit these past few days that like 60% of my inner dialogue is Michael comments.
  • Speaking of Rage Quit, here’s another one for you all. Because 3:48 had me laughing like crazy. And because of the Fallout reference. As always, if excessive cursing offends you, don’t watch.

Edit: courtesy of letsplaygifs:

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