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…I feel very, very alone.

There’s a dude in one of my classes that I sort of dig, but I’m not sure if he digs me back. It could just be my “I have no social intuition at all so I live in a world completely disconnected to any sort of reality” situation. SUCH IS MY LIFE.

Nostalgia, go away

I am so ridiculously homesick right now it’s scary.
I’m a solitary person, but I’m not a fan of being completely alone for months on end.
I’m tired of this dumb thesis, I’m tired of this dumb city, and I just want one day free of anxiety attacks.
I’m also freezing cold right now and can’t concentrate.

Is 2011 kicking my ass? It’s certainly trying to.

Sorry my blogs suck.

Sorry I suck.

This blog tastes like crap!

Christmas alone.

On an unrelated note, bleaching my hair does not work. 90 minutes of bleach intensity does practically NOTHING. I think my hair needs to be lab analyzed for its weirdness.

Tomorrow is “Boxing Day” which translates to “Play Fallout 3 Incessantly Day.”
It’ll certainly be better than today was.



Today’s song: Sleepyhead (Neo Tokyo Remix) originally by, of course, Passion Pit


Well, that was the most depressing study session ever.

So we spent six hours this afternoon “studying” for the big stats exam tomorrow. In those six hours, I learned:
– I am the youngest person here by about a year and a half
– I’m the only one without a significant other
– Everybody else seems to be a lot further along in life (aside from the school aspect) than me
– Aside from being in grad school, I am very, very different from these people

Yeah. It doesn’t sound that bad when it’s written down, but six hours of other people telling you about their lovers and their relationships kind of sucks when you’re the only one in the room who’s very, very lonely.



I am so incredibly, incredibly lonely. What’s wrong with me?