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Sorry, my ear is too cool to hear you

Dudes, check out this super cool ear piece:

I got it from Otis Jaxson Jewelry on Etsy. There are so many cool pieces on their page. If you like funky, unique earrings, ear pieces, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, check them out!

Big Bud

ZOMG, this little store has the coolest, retro-est little colorful clothes. I should get a few snazzy shirts.

Sorry, that’s all I’ve got today.

News Flash Part II:

I also have a lot of eyeshadow.

Some of them I’ve had since high school, which is kind of scary. And before anyone says it, yes, I know that like the maximum “safe to use” time on makeup is like 24 months depending on the type of makeup but my eyelids have yet to fall off from old makeup, so fight me.

Some of my favorites:

NYX – “Mermaid”

Covergirl – “Lime Alive”

Prestige (I don’t know the color name; this one is from JUNIOR HIGH and the back info is all worn off. This is the perfect orange, though)

Wet n’ Wild – the “Poster Child” palette

Wet n’ Wild – the “Not a Basic Peach” palette


NYX – “Ultimate Brights” palette (all of these are fantastic)

e.l.f – “Moss,” “Solar”, “Heat,” and “Candy”

News Flash:

I have a lot of earrings. I’ve been slowly amassing them ever since I got my ears pierced and now we have this madness.

Some of my favorites (plus a few I’ve acquired in the interim between when this blog was written and when it was actually posted, haha):






(Ignore my fugly reflection and look at the colors.)

It’s made of towel fabric and is super warm. And it’s mine now. It won’t fit in my suitcase so I’ll have to have my mom ship it up here, but I’ll have it before COLD HARSH CANADIAN WINTER™ sets in up here.

That’s all I’ve got today, sorry.

Yes, I know these blog posts suck.

Hey, so here’s a website that allows you to upload an image you like, project it onto an article of clothing like a dress or a skirt or leggings, tweak it around until you’ve got a pattern you like, and then BUY IT.

Very cool.

(Sorry, I don’t have much going on right now.)


New specs! Check ‘em:



Oh my…the colors…what is this I don’t even…

I want those arm sleevy things and rainbow bow that first model’s wearing.

This looks like the most fun thing ever. 2:06? I would wear that 24/7, indecency laws be damned.

Also, Superbass is enhanced supremely by the addition of stringed instruments.


Too Cool for No School

I want school. I is good at book learnin’.


This is my closet.

The left 1/3rd is pants/skirts/dresses. The right 2/3rds is shirts of various sleevage. I own one black shirt. It’s got Hume on it.

I don’t really understand why more adults don’t wear color. I mean seriously, what’s wrong with a little bright clothing to cheer up others? Back at the U of I I recall at least seven distinct times when I was told by someone that their seeing me on campus all decked out in the rainbow made their day significantly nicer.

So why don’t more adults wear bright clothing? Possible reasons:

1. It’s freaking hard to find any. The only reason I have so much bright clothing is because I’ve been stockpiling it up since junior high. There’s a red pair of pants in there I’ve had since seventh grade. I’m probably irrationally attached to my clothes collection simply because it’s taken me so long to acquire it. ‘Cause hey, they don’t make shirts like this just anywhere:

2. Bright clothing is associated with children/childhood, and is thus not “appropriate” attire for adults. Similarly, bright clothing is associated with “oddness” (maybe because careers for which adults don colors are traditionally weird and/or are occupied by strange people—you know, clowns and audacious performers and such) and thus is stigmatizing to wear.

I know it’s how we as humans judge things—first impressions and all that happy jazz—but it still bothers me when people form first impressions of others based on clothing. As long as I don’t have >40% of my boobage hanging out or let people walking behind me see my butt crack, what’s wrong with a rainbow shirt and bright lime green pants?

Clothing is definitely a form of expression, yeah, but maybe it can be viewed as an outlet of creative expression in a world where, for most people, creative expression is otherwise oppressed. If a person is supposed to be reserved and focused on a diligent schedule at their work, for example, perhaps it would be beneficial for them to express their creative side via their clothing? Crappy example, I know, but you get what I’m saying, right?

Blah. I don’t know. I’m just tired of getting evil stares just because I’m not wearing jeans and a dull shirt.

Give me my lime green and orange. I’ll be happy.

I am enlightened, for I have dreamt of Lady Gaga

Seriously. Weirdest, most vivid dream I’ve had in awhile: I’m in this big theatre thing downtown with the intention of going to a Muse concert. However, the tickets are $300 or something, so I’m standing around debating whether or not to do it. I leave the main part of the theatre and go out into the front atrium, where there are a bunch of these video screens.

I stand in the corner watching one of the screens when all of a sudden Lady Gaga walks in with all these bodyguard guys. She books it over to me and hands me two key rings FULL of keys, saying, “these are keys to boats, houses, and cars. I’ll give you all of these if you give me the rights to your MySpace song.” Apparently, in the dream, I had written my MySpace song, and she wanted it badly. So I was all, “okay, cool!” Then she and I got in a limo and went to god knows where and she showed me some of her moves.

Then we went back to her place and I slept on her couch, amidst all of her panties. All I can remember from this part is that I was ridiculously happy, and I wanted to try on her shorts. Ga-ga, ooh-la-la, indeed.


Yeah. I know. What the hell is going on in my subconscious.




Today was “let’s defer our panic over finals with some sushi” day with the psych buddies. Everyone was going back to campus for some theatre thing afterwards, but I just wanted to go home, so I went the opposite way. I was standing at the bus stop waiting for #33 and some dude came and stood beside me. After about five minutes, I saw him look down at my pants and go: “Wow, those are lime green fleece pants!”

No kidding. I’m not colorblind.

Then: “You have more courage than I do to wear those!”

And what’s that supposed to mean, random stranger whom I’ve never before met?

It’s not courage. It’s style. MY style. If I were deliberately trying to make some sort of statement against the norm with my awesome pants, yeah, sure, I’m sure there would be some element of courage involved, but I’m not. Stop insinuating that not wearing the same style as everyone else implies I have courage. I don’t call the majority of Vancouverites cowards because they all wear the same goddamn jacket (seriously, there’s like one style of jacket up here).

I like lime green. I had the volition sometime a few years ago to make some lime green pants. And so I did. Big deal, end of story. Holy crap, you mean you wear it ‘cause you like it? Bingo, Sherlock.

I like color, thus I wear a lot of it. You probably like denim, ‘cause you were wearing way more of it than I thought was humanly possible. Was I about to say this to you? No, because you seemed quite comfortable in your style and I didn’t want to screw with your self-image by telling you that you looked like you fell out of a Levi’s shipment truck.

Can we leave each others’ fashions alone? As long as we’re not exposing obscene amounts of butt/boobs/privates, I don’t see what the problem is.


Today’s song: Launch from the soundtrack to Armageddon

Make it a parade, MAKE IT A PARADE!

You know what I realized walking around in the mall a few days ago? The “popular” fashions today suck. I know, I know, “duh,” you say. But I must, for the sake of my sanity, point out to others the ones that bother me the most:

Chandelier earrings
Particularly those of the variety where crappy, poorly-spraypainted to look like high-end gold wire holds up strings of crappy beads (see picture). The majority of chandelier earrings are pieces of crap that are all basically identical no matter how often manufacturers label them as “unique.” Sure, there are a few exceptions (I’ll show you one when we get back to school, for example) but most suck. End of story.

Those huge sunglasses with the white frames
What the hell?! Are these supposed to make you look attractive? Sure, I guess if you’re trying to attract, say, flies, as the fact that these sunglasses make your eyes look to the same proportion in relation to your body as flies’ eyes do to theirs, I guess if that’s what you’re going for…
Otherwise, stop wearing these pieces of pop-princess-created crap goggles.

Those ghastly “babydoll” tops
Oh my god. I HATE these. Whoever designed this particular style of shirt should be shot. Since when is it attractive to drape yards of fabric around your upper body, completely destroying any shape of a figure you may have, so that you look like a freaking blob of torso? I think the only people these shirts look good on are those who have absolutely no boobs. And these shirts do not show off one’s boobs at all. Really.

The tank tops that go down to your crotch in length
I dub this “the shirt they created to quash protests about really overweight people showing off too much stomach/butt crack when wearing their low-rise jeans” shirt. It appears they had to compensate their making jeans too low by making shirts extra long now. That’s just great, except for the rest of us who are decent enough to wear pants that actually fit and really dislike having tank tops that fit like short dresses. Plus, now all people do is constantly pull these long tank tops down over their butt cracks anyway, a motion which, if repeated every single time a person gets out of their seat, gets really annoying.

The “let’s ruin a perfectly good t-shirt by putting some crappy design or text on it such as Tweety or “Princess” or “I’m a hoe and I felt the need to express it on my t-shirt” style (otherwise known as the “graphic tee”)
Wal-Mart carries a lot of these. They take perfectly good t-shirts that are manufactured in perfectly good colors and tack on a crappy graphic—a skull or a fairy or whatnot—and make it a worthless conformist piece of crap that I for one will not be caught dead in. What’s worse is when they put so-called “witty” phrases on them, such as “Bitch Princess” or “MILF” or “Ron Paul is my homeboy” or “Fuck me” (in Japanese characters, of course). This annoys me to no end. Seriously.

Capri pants
Aside from the fact that they’ll make you look frumpy if you have any body type other than the body of a 5’9, 115 pound model, Capri pants have no real function. Really. If you’re that hot in pants, wear shorts. Or a dress, even. It’s not like you’re going to go wading in water in the city streets, smart one. Capris suck.

Wedge heel shoes
Not only do these make you look like an idiot, they basically prove you’re an idiot, especially when you try to walk on cobblestones, snow, snowy cobblestones, and, hell, every type of terrain save a completely flat basketball court. Come on, people. You live in Moscow. Odds are, you know that it snows here and that campus is not a flat, bump-free terrain. Why, oh why do you women wear these completely idiotic shoes around? I must admit, though, it is a laugh, watching you try to look graceful after nearly snapping your ankle in half because your stupid wedge heel got caught in a crack in the sidewalk.
Fair warning, though—if you’re lying on the side of the sidewalk, crying and whining that you’ve twisted your ankle and I see that you’re wearing these shoes, I’m not going to help you.

The “sneakers that fail to cover 90% of the top of your foot, thus qualifying them as sandals but yet they’re still sold at the full sneaker price (but look on the bright side; the bonus you get is that you look like an idiot!)” sneakers
These are ballerina slippers gone mainstream, and they make your feet look really, really deformed. Plus, they’re freaking expensive, especially for the fact that you’re getting gypped on the product because they carve out an unnecessarily large amount of the top of the shoe to make it “cool.” Just wear sandals if you want to show off your feet so much, okay?