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Well that was one of the quickest purchases I’ve ever made

Hi there.

So there’s this website called Amorphia Apparel which carries a bunch of t-shirt designs by Jeremy Kalgreen. I dig his style and have this shirt because I think it’s badass.

Anyway, one series of designs he does is called “Monsters of Grok” which is where he takes a band’s logo design and uses it for a name of some influential thinker from history. See David Hume (Daft Punk), Descartes (Deadmau5), and Quine (Queen) as examples.

I have been waiting forever for him to do one for Leibniz. I even got on the mailing list to be notified if/when such a design was produced.

And lo! In my inbox this morning? “Your Amorphia Apparel request is fulfilled.”


Bought it. Eagerly awaiting it. Excited.

Edit: Calgary, why does your one and only Fed-Ex place have to be on the freaking moon?



Too Cool for No School

I want school. I is good at book learnin’.


This is my closet.

The left 1/3rd is pants/skirts/dresses. The right 2/3rds is shirts of various sleevage. I own one black shirt. It’s got Hume on it.

I don’t really understand why more adults don’t wear color. I mean seriously, what’s wrong with a little bright clothing to cheer up others? Back at the U of I I recall at least seven distinct times when I was told by someone that their seeing me on campus all decked out in the rainbow made their day significantly nicer.

So why don’t more adults wear bright clothing? Possible reasons:

1. It’s freaking hard to find any. The only reason I have so much bright clothing is because I’ve been stockpiling it up since junior high. There’s a red pair of pants in there I’ve had since seventh grade. I’m probably irrationally attached to my clothes collection simply because it’s taken me so long to acquire it. ‘Cause hey, they don’t make shirts like this just anywhere:

2. Bright clothing is associated with children/childhood, and is thus not “appropriate” attire for adults. Similarly, bright clothing is associated with “oddness” (maybe because careers for which adults don colors are traditionally weird and/or are occupied by strange people—you know, clowns and audacious performers and such) and thus is stigmatizing to wear.

I know it’s how we as humans judge things—first impressions and all that happy jazz—but it still bothers me when people form first impressions of others based on clothing. As long as I don’t have >40% of my boobage hanging out or let people walking behind me see my butt crack, what’s wrong with a rainbow shirt and bright lime green pants?

Clothing is definitely a form of expression, yeah, but maybe it can be viewed as an outlet of creative expression in a world where, for most people, creative expression is otherwise oppressed. If a person is supposed to be reserved and focused on a diligent schedule at their work, for example, perhaps it would be beneficial for them to express their creative side via their clothing? Crappy example, I know, but you get what I’m saying, right?

Blah. I don’t know. I’m just tired of getting evil stares just because I’m not wearing jeans and a dull shirt.

Give me my lime green and orange. I’ll be happy.

God, more of this crap?

Dear everyone,
Yes, I dress differently than you. Get over it. I know it’s hard to do, but please don’t automatically judge my character by the way I look. I try to make the effort with you. The only thing you can conclude from the fact that I dress differently from you is—surprise!—the fact that I dress differently from you! Holy shit, you mean not all peoples’ personalities are represented by their clothing?! NO WAY.