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Bits n’ Bobs

I’m hyper tonight.

  • Two phrases I cannot stand: baby daddy and adorbs. Seriously, people?
  • The first three or four times I heard Nicki Minaj’s “Starship” I could have sworn instead of “and if you a G, you a G-G-G” she was saying “and if you a tree, you a tree tree tree.” Go listen to that part. Tell me that’s not what it sounds like.

I need to get off the internet.

  • Speaking of the internet: I predict that it won’t be long now until there’s some sort of college major relating directly to the internet. Like Web Studies or something. I can’t remember if I’ve ever said that here or not, but I’m saying it now anyway.
  • I like Adele, but Rumour Has It drives me insane. Probably ‘cause I’ve only ever really heard it in the office and since the radio is like halfway down the hall, all I hear is this weird half-melody that’s got a really annoying repetitive nature to it.
  • So I think I’m going to have to break down and buy the book form of The Brave Little Toaster because…well, because. Dude, I mean…it’s the brave little toaster.
  • I’d forgotten what a downer Prime was. Especially toward the end. It was supposed to be this light-hearted little story about talking numbers. It got dark as hell kind of on its own. It’s also kind of boring in parts. Gotta fix that. Might keep the darkness, though, ‘cause it works.
  • The chorus of David Guetta’s Without You really gets me going. This little animated lyrics video adds to that.
  • I really miss Rob tonight. What’s up with that?
  • I want this.
  • I’m in a major drawing mood. I might do something involving the zodiac signs because a) that’d be badass, b) I don’t care if it’s pseudoscience, the zodiac is fun, and c) I want to.
  • Dudes, Dethklok’s touring later this year and is coming to Phoenix. Tickets might have to happen.



Oh my…the colors…what is this I don’t even…

I want those arm sleevy things and rainbow bow that first model’s wearing.

This looks like the most fun thing ever. 2:06? I would wear that 24/7, indecency laws be damned.

Also, Superbass is enhanced supremely by the addition of stringed instruments.