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Eye see a Shadow

YO, I keep forgetting to mention this because my brain is frozen from this damn weather, but my mom got me this for my birthday!



She wanted to get me the James Charles palette (‘cause COLORS), but this palette is really freaking pretty. The colors don’t look like all that much in the pans, but once you put them on, they’re really surprising and bright!

Thanks, mom!


I’ve never bought any makeup that wasn’t from Walmart, Rite-Aid, or the Real Canadian Superstore. However, I am seriously considering buying myself Jeffree Star’s Thirsty Palette, mostly because of that beautiful yellow.

I love yellow eyeshadow.

(Sorry, it’s been a slow month in the blog department)

News Flash Part II:

I also have a lot of eyeshadow.

Some of them I’ve had since high school, which is kind of scary. And before anyone says it, yes, I know that like the maximum “safe to use” time on makeup is like 24 months depending on the type of makeup but my eyelids have yet to fall off from old makeup, so fight me.

Some of my favorites:

NYX – “Mermaid”

Covergirl – “Lime Alive”

Prestige (I don’t know the color name; this one is from JUNIOR HIGH and the back info is all worn off. This is the perfect orange, though)

Wet n’ Wild – the “Poster Child” palette

Wet n’ Wild – the “Not a Basic Peach” palette


NYX – “Ultimate Brights” palette (all of these are fantastic)

e.l.f – “Moss,” “Solar”, “Heat,” and “Candy”