“So here is little-bitty song and dance from me, Vladimir Putin!”

Haha, oh my. A fair warning for all of you: unless you actually enjoy my loudness, my obnoxiousness, my stupid jokes, my never-ending laughing at my own stupid jokes, and my…well…let’s just call it my “naivety”, sit as far away from me as you possibly can if you must be on the same bus as me. Just letting you know.
So, today was a rather uneventful day…until the incident(s) with the vibrating phone(s) and the hour-long bus ride to Pullman.

Things we pondered included (most of this you missed, Matt—this is here for you!):

The existential crisis!
My new idea: a blank fortuneteller is an analogy to the human condition. More elaboration on this idea (what I shall call “The Fortune Theory”) in a later blog, once I get it all worked out. Promise.

What birthed Pullman
Yeah. I said something to the effect of, “I wonder what birthed Pullman?” And then came up with this whole idea of a Celestial Mother crapping out Pullman, peeing out Moscow, and various other things for Troy, Genesee, and Potlatch. This was extremely humorous about two hours ago.

How Troy (the Troy in Idaho) got its name
“There was this chick named Helen and the guys were all OMFG horse!”

Low Rider: The Musical
I couldn’t get the song Low Rider out of my head, so Jessie and I, of course, started singing it. I don’t quite know how I got to the point of the song becoming a musical, but I did, and now it shall be, and it will star Millard Fillmore and will include at least one scene from Titanic.


Fun times, fun times.

The ride to Boise will be fun, hehe…

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