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Here Are Some Internet Humors

Because I’m sure we could all use a laugh right now, here is a set of random crap I’ve found on the internet over the past few days that has made me laugh hysterically.


(I legit laughed for like 20 minutes over this stupid thing)




(This is an older one but every time I see it I laugh)

Doe, a drink with jam and bread…no, wait…

Every once and a while—like, say, every nine months or so, I get this song stuck in my head for like 20 hours straight:

I originally saw this on Albino Blacksheep back in the internet Stone Age (~2005), but now when you Google “cat I’m a kitty cat” the Albino Blacksheep link isn’t even in the first 5 results. Sadness. Albino Blacksheep is great.