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Ah, band camp…

How I missed thee.
And at least my squad doesn’t suck like it did last year (though we still have to put up with Beau pretending that he’s in charge of everyone in the clarinet section…I’m SO LUCKY he’s not in my squad!).

I think we’ll have good shows this year.


Oh-ho-ho! Somebody left the water running! I guess all we can do now is count the sunflowers



Ah, it’s good to see fellow dorks again. I’ve been in isolation 95% of the summer (a few days with my Moscow friends and about a week in Boise with Matt were the only social interactions I had).

What else was I going to say?

Oh yeah. My dorm room RULES!


Ah, so I’m finally done with my directed study, meaning that I’m finally done with classes for the summer. And that’s, what, two weeks before classes start? Win.

I know all you marching band geeks are ready for band camp to start. How many of you are absolutely desperate for actual classes to start? Because I am.


Learning makes me happy.


My feet hurt from marching!
Plus, I haven’t had much time to organize my dorm room, so it’s still very messy.
And the floor is disgustingly dirty.

Wooo! Marching!!

I’m loving marching band camp so far!
Today, I had practice from 9-12, from 2-5, and from 7-9. And it rocked. I think this will be my favorite class (though I have to get back into marching mode, considering I haven’t marched since a year ago)!

Wee! There are more than 3 clarinetists!

Dorm room?!?!



Well, not really. First comes the dorm room and band camp.
So I go to Wallace today, a day early, because I am going to be in marching band this year. I love my room–it’s a lot bigger than I remember it from my tour last April.
I pretty much took all my crap and dumped it in there before I went to our first band camp rehearsal–which was freaky weird!
There were actually several people in each section! Weird weird. And Nikki was there, which was cool–hadn’t seen her since elementary school.


But it was fun. I await more band-related fun tomorrow!