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I had no idea there was a giant Sequoia in Boise.

Of the like 400 things I would like to study if I ever went back to school (again), one of the top options would be trees. Old, giant trees. I love these massive beings.

My voice remains elusive

Well, we’re back. It’s midnight as I’m typing this and I’m tired, despite sleeping basically the whole bus ride there and the whole bus ride back.

I’d like to apologize to my bus-mates; I wish I’d been more animated and entertaining on the bus, but because I so rarely get sick that when I do get sick it really throws me. But what you saw was about as sick as I get, so I guess that’s a good thing. And apologies if I gave it to anyone else (especially Maggie, cause I think I gave it to you).


But it was fun, especially Thursday night, holy crap.

Adventures in Boise: Day 5…kind of.

I have literally very little to say today because all we did was drive back from Boise. It was a great time. Can’t wait for Band Camp to start!

Adventures in Boise: Day 4

We didn’t do squat for the first half of the day today. Really. We just hung around the hotel room going, “what should we do now?”

But then the day improved because we went to dinner with Matt and his mom. Then I went back to their house and Matt and I watched “The Butterfly Effect,” a movie I hadn’t seen before. Holy crap, that movie will stay with me a long time. I recommend it.

It was a very good night.


Matt, I shall miss you until band camp! Not too long, now!

Adventures in Boise: Day 3

Today I went two places I’ve never been before:
1) Target (I bought pajamas!)
2) Chili’s

And then I did two things I never thought I would do:
1) Go to a Harry Potter book premiere (I know, Shannyn, it’s shocking!)
2) Go to a Harry Potter book premiere dressed as a pirate

Yeah, so tonight totally rocked. I went with Matt and his friends around town to gather pirate paraphernalia in order to go to the new HP book midnight premiere dressed as pirates. So we go there and realize that we probably won’t be able to get in and get a book, so we leave (after pirating around a little) and go to Starbucks and then downtown for a bit.


It was grand fun.

Adventures in Boise: Day 2

Hooray for Boise! Today my mom and I went downtown and dinked around for about five hours. I like Boise. It’s nice.

Then Matt and his friends (who are awesome, by the way) picked me up from the hotel and we went to IHOP and then downtown. Fun fun!

Adventures in Boise: Day 1

Hoorah! So today my mom and I packed up our crap and drove the 200 some odd miles down to Boise. That was grand fun (sarcasm). But then we got there and I got to see Matt for the first time all summer, which was very nice.

We went to see the new Harry Potter movie, and I must say, I was impressed. I haven’t seen a HP movie since the first one came out. Very nice score. Very interesting story. I can see how it can become an obsession (*cough*Shannyn*cough).


It was fun.