An anomaly in my regular blogging schedule

What’s this? I’m blogging in the middle of the day? WTF?
Well, biology lab doesn’t start until next week, and band doesn’t start until next week, so I don’t have any classes today!

So I decided, because I’m bored and have nothing to do, rather than a normal Fillmore Fact™, I would provide for you a taste of my (crappy) Flash skills.

This short film explores Cheech and Chong’s “Dave” by placing Dave (movie president; it’ll make more sense if you’re familiar with the movie) outside the gates of heaven. When he knocks, the angel of Millard Fillmore comes to answer. Hilarity ensues.

Several notes on this short little film:
~the sound is low. Turn up the volume.
~the quality is low. That’s because I can’t animate.
~that thing in the middle is supposed to be the gates to heaven, where Fillmore resides.
~the preloader is from, cause it’s the only place I could find a preloader.
~this was made in about 10 minutes.




Oh, and comments are APPRECIATED!!! (HINT HINT HINT!)

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