Waiter! There’s a Matt Farnsworth in my Blog!

About freaking time, too.

Yes, so it’s finally here. And on your birthday as well! And I’m shocked and surprised that MySpace is actually working so’s I can get this up on the correct date and make it even more special (even though it’s like 11:58 and you’re probably sleeping and won’t see this until tomorrow, earliest).

But anyway…

Yes, here is the long-awaited flash. And I must warn you…it will disappoint. I’m not even going to say “might,” because I know it will. It’s only three minutes long. Four if you count the credits. How sad is that? Four months, four minutes. I sincerely apologize for the sucking that this flash will do (and not sexual sucking either, which is even more disappointing, haha).

So here is my obligatory disclaimer that I put on freaking everything: this is not meant to insult. I don’t think it will—it kind of evolved from a “let’s make fun of Matt just for the heck of it” to a “let’s put Matt in crazy situations with Millard Fillmore and see what happens next” kind of thing.


So yeah.

I’m not asking for anything, just a little credit for actually finishing something that I set out to do that wasn’t school-related.

I hope you like (tolerate) it!


The Matt Farnsworth Experience
Claudia “Can’t Finish a Flash in Good Time if Her Life Depends on it” Mahler


Enjoy, and happy birthday!

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