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Protected: Waiter! There’s a Pisces in my Tropic of Capricorn!

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Cephalopod! There’s a soup in my waiter!

So I just watched “The Desert” again today.

Two words:
holy crap.

This is some hilarious whacked-out crap right here. I don’t know why I didn’t win any awards. Where the hell are my awards?!

Best quote:
“I have the urge to assemble a group of delegates and derail the system of the Parliament!” ~Uncle Sam

And that whole thing with Shannyn and I and the male pumpkin parts…wow.
Now I have Flash. The world is indeed in great danger.


Here you go, you horny little weirdos. My masterpiece. For the few of you who were in it (and the many of you who have heard about it), here is the special re-submitted “The Desert!”

For all of you who have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, I strongly suggest that you watch it.

NOTE: this was made about a year and a half ago one late summer night when I was off the pills and on the sugar. You’ve been warned.

Here are the new links:
The Desert I
The Desert II
The Desert III
The Desert IV
The Desert V
The Desert VI
The Desert VII
The Desert VIII
The Desert IX
The Desert X
The Desert Finale
The Desert Aftermath
Alternate Finale (watch this one after episode ten, then continue on to the aftermath)


Also, here is today’s Fillmore Fact™ (please note that yesterday’s Fact was the font thing. Yes, I’m counting that. Shut up.):
Holy crap…he was one of only two presidents to have double letters in both his first and last names! (special bonus gold star for the person who figures out who this other president was! )

“The Desert”

Alright you perverted little people—you asked for it, so I plan to redo “The Desert” again and make it exactly as it was in its original glory!

Well, except for one small thing—Viper’s character has been deleted! So I’ll substitute something else for him.

NOTE: I will do this eventually, meaning anytime from tomorrow till 2008. Deal with it, you’ll get it eventually!




Apparently, DF1LM decided to do a revamping of their site and thus created the DF1LM Moviemaker v.2.0, which is all fine and dandy…


So The Desert has been lost. But not really, since I copied down the script and have it saved in three different locations. So I’m thinking I’ll remake it (without the typos this time) and send it out to you people (who must be desperate for some sex-related humor by now, seeing as though I’m not around all that much) as a Christmas present. Happy perverted Christmas, people!

1-year anniversary of “The Desert”!


I’m not entirely sure what the exact date was when I made The Desert, but I know it was in mid- to late-July and I’m pretty sure that I made it on a late Thursday night (or, technically, an early Friday morning ). The 21st of July last year was a Thursday.


You know what to do.

Have fun!